frio ock

Thermaltake Frio Overclock King TT OCK 1155 CPU Cooler Review

August 9, 2011,   has blogged 23  posts

Most people today don’t buy an aftermarket CPU cooler. Why? Well for the average computer user there is not much a need as usually only people who work with and heavily use a computer need better cooling solutions. Computer enthusiasts and gamers alike though know about how great cooling gives better performances out of their …

inwin buc

Inwin BUC Gaming Chasis Review

July 19, 2011,   has blogged 23  posts

Inwins styled cases are notorious for bold interesting designs targeted to gamers. These chassis range from small to full size and are usually filled with all the cool new features out. We have a new case from Inwin today called the BUC (pronounced like buck not B.U.C) another in their line of gamer chassis with …

azza toledo 301

AZZA Toledo 301 Gaming Chassis Review

July 7, 2011,   has blogged 23  posts

Azza has made some great cases in the past like the Fantom 900 with it’s great thermal management and the Spartan 101 with its awesome external design and great features. Gamers certainly have appreciated what Azza has been making for them with cases like those. Well today we have a new case from Azza, the …

cubitek m4

Cubitek M4 Gaming Chassis Review

June 28, 2011,   has blogged 23  posts

Cubitek’s company philosophy is “Build something we would want to buy at a price we would want to pay.” That motto is something that consumers like to hear because it means better products at a fairer price. With competition for entry level cases on the rise prices have been dropping but quality may have also …

level one 01

Level One Wireless 300Mbps N_Max Ceiling PoE Access and 4 GE PoE + 1 GE Switch Review

May 3, 2011,   has blogged 23  posts

Today we have in two products from Level One to review for you all. The Wireless 300Mbps N_Max Ceiling PoE Access (WAP-6102) and the 4 GE PoE + 1 GE Switch (GEP-0520). Level One is known in the tech communities as a company that provides great networking products and accessories. So how will the WAP-6102 …

nzxt bunker

NZXT Bunker USB Lock Review

April 28, 2011,   has blogged 23  posts

Let me paint a picture for you. You are at a LAN party and you get this odd feeling like someone is staring at your USB ports. You ignore it but the feeling continues. Soon though you start sweating as you become more and more worried that something dark is afoot. Now you can’t concentrate …

KitSound iPod and iPhone Dock-radio-and Alarm Clock Review

April 26, 2011,   has blogged 23  posts

For those of us who like to wake up to the soothing sounds of your favorite songs there is a way to do so. Three words, iPod Alarm docks. With the rise of PMP’s in recent years more ways to play your music were introduced. Various docks were made for the iPod but today we …

splitfish FragFX Shark review

SplitFish FragFX Shark Playstation 3 Gaming Mouse and Controller Review

April 19, 2011,   has blogged 23  posts

The battle between PC and Console gamers have been forever divided regarding the best method to play games with. PC gamers love the accuracy and speed that keyboards and mice provide, while Console gamers prefer the ease of use that a controller. With SplitFish’s new FragFX Shark hybrid  controller we will see if the bridge …

CM Storm Spawn Gaming Mouse Review

April 9, 2011,   has blogged 23  posts

With the rise of people who play games the market for peripherals has also gone up. Now regular people are buying accessories and other gaming gear. So with this rise of products how will you be able to ever find that great item with so much to sort through. Well that’s were we come in. …

asus blu ray burner

Asus BW-12B1LT Internal SATA Lightscribe BluRay Writer Review

April 5, 2011,   has blogged 23  posts

More and more I see that the experience people go to a theatre for can be brought into the home. Not only that but on their computer. Blu-Ray drives seems to be the new thing in terms of this experience. The reason for this is simple Blu-Ray has awesome quality video. Today we look at …