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Cooler Master HAF X Gaming Chassis Review
User Rating: / 5
Written by Munk   
Hits smaller text tool iconmedium text tool iconlarger text tool icon cases have become more than just an enclosure for your computer. The type of case you choose says a lot about your personality, and with lan gaming coming back with a vengeance standing out from the crowd can be important to some of you. When Cooler Master Launched the HAF everyone was in awe, either you loved it or hated it, once the cm series cases came out people were even more impressed. Now today is a new step in the right direction for Cooler Master: the launch of the new and improved HAF X chassis let's not waste any time and get a good look at this beautiful case:

Provided by: Cooler Master

Price: $199

Closer Look:


Specifications and Features:

  • Style: Full-tower
  • Application: E-ATX and smaller form factors derived from this one.
  • Material: Zinc-coated steel (SECC).
  • Power supply: Doesn’t come with the product.
  • Available colors: Black with interior painted black.
  • Side panel: Transparent acrylic/meshed.
  • Dimensions: 23 ½” x 9” x 21 5/8” (59.9 cm x 23.0 cm x 55.0 cm) (H x W x D).
  • Net weight: 32 lbs (14.6 kg)
  • Gross weight: 37 Lbs (16.8 kg)
  • Bays: Four external 5 ¼” bays (six if the hot-swap cage is removed), two external hot-swap bays for 3 ½” and 2 ½” hard drives and SSDs, and five internal 3 ½” bays (one of them comes with a 3 ½”-to-2 ½” adaptor).
  • Expansion slots: Nine.
  • Fans: One 230-mm on the front (700 rpm, 19 dBA, glowing red with on/off switch for the LEDs), one 200-mm on the top (700 rpm, 19 dBA), one 200-mm on the left panel (700 rpm, 19 dBA) and one 140-mm on the rear (1,200 rpm, 17 dBA).
  • Optional fans: One 200-mm on the top, one 120-mm on the video card cooling duct and one 80-mm on the video card bracket.
  • More Information:
  • MSRP in the US: USD 200.00



Well I must say there are a few things I personally took out of the case. Being that I am always tearing down my rigs all of the cowling was ousted post haste. I did the same thing with the Thermaltake Spedo when it first came out. They are great additions to improve card support and airflow but I hate that stuff getting in the way. Once I removed it the HAF X was a dream.  It is usually a tossup for me between Thermaltake and Cooler Master but lately I have 3 builds with Cooler Master cases and I am very impressed with them. Thermaltake is going to have to pull an ace from its sleeve to get me to swap back over.

Would I recommend this case? I haven't come across a Cooler Master case that I have not liked so far and I don't think that is going to change. The ease of building in these cases put them above the rest, plus the attention to detail in the case design is impressive to say the least. If you are a gamer and have some spare room bump your rig up to the HAF X you will not be dissappointed.


  • Gorgeous
  • Serious Airflow
  • Hot Swappable Drive Bay
  • Decent Price For the Quality
  • Great Looking LED's
  • It's a Beast (Personally I love it but you might not)

zeepkist  - haf x and usb 3.0   | |2010-06-12 10:30:49
a waste of time, as you have to run your cables around the side of the case to
go to the back panel of the motherboard.
why are we still living in the middle
admin   |SAdministrator |2010-06-12 10:38:04
you do not make any sense....what does that even mean?
zeepkist   | |2010-06-12 20:56:50
my comment has a title: Haf x and usb 3.0.

show me how the 2 usb 3.0 ports on
the haf x are connected to the motherboard.

you can NOT. because there is NO
motherboard with usb 3.0 headers on the board.
result: you have to run cables to
the back panel of the motherboard to connect to the "normally" 2 usb 3.0
ports you find there.
admin   |SAdministrator |2010-06-13 07:28:23
actually there are "normal" ports on motherboard now I just reviewed the
p55 board from intel that had them and their are 3.0 "normal" headers
going on lots of the new boards.
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