Gamer Grub Snack for Gamers Review

December 7, 2009,   has blogged 275  posts

Gaming and food go hand in hand. I don’t game as much as I used to but when I was an avid gamer I found myself eating a lot of greasy cheesy goodness. The problem with the greasy cheesy goodness it that it is, you guessed it, greasy AND cheesy, I know right?…Anyways cheese and …

Flash Game Of The Day: BMX Park

July 10, 2009,   has blogged 275  posts

BMX and motocross flash games have always been one of my personal favorites. Check this incredibly addicting game out. Description: Test your biking skills in the BMX park by doing some crazy stunts on your bike like superman.

Flash game of the day: Interactive Buddy

July 3, 2009,   has blogged 275  posts

Having a bad day? need some one to be your shoulder to cry on? Interactive buddy is the man for the job. Also for the more sadistic of you out there he is also your go to guy for rageful physical abuse without any of the unwanted side affects such as jail time. Here is …

Flash game of the day: Portal

July 2, 2009,   has blogged 275  posts

We have just started a new part of OverclockersHQ called the flash game of the day this is where we take the most addictive games we can find and submit them to the OverclockersHQ audience for approval. Most of you have played portal for PC or for one of the consoles but you haven’t truly …