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NoiseBlocker NB-Multiframe S-Series PC Fan Round Up Review
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Written by Munk   
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NoiseBlocker NB-Multiframe S-Series PC Fan Round Up Review
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Does your dorm room sound like the inside of a wind turbine? Maybe it is time to look into some quieter choices for your desktop PC. Companies are pumping out silent this, and quiet that, every time I turn around these days but which one is truly right for you? This is where sites like OverclockersHQ come into play with our in depth testing of the latest and greatest the technology world has to offer. The NB-Multiframe S-Series 120mm PC Fan line is going to be stepping up to the plate today in order to prove itself and dominate the competition. With a manufacturers name like Noise Blocker you can bet they know a thing or two about quiet PC’s but let’s make sure. Click read more for the full testing and a closer look:

Provided by: NoiseBlocker

Price: TBA

Closer Look:

Due to the fact that all of the S-Series from NoiseBlocker have the same packaging and look the same (with the exception of the M12-P which has a 4 pin connector and 4 instead of 3) I will just show shots from the M12-S2. The packaging for the NoiseBlocker NB-Multiframe S-Series PC Fan’s is very simple and well designed; it includes a product window in order to see the product and a nice looking white on black design color scheme. The specs and features for each fan is found on the back in German, French, and English which is perfect for world wide distribution.


The package contents are just the fan and the needed screws for install. Due to the fans design there is no need for the rubberized mounts that come with a lot of the other silent fans on the market currently. One thing I wish these fans included is a molex converter, this way you can use the fan in multiple ways.



The rubberized design of the fan ensures little to no vibration which ensures little to no extra sound which makes for a much quieter working environment. The fans are not flashy with LED’s and the like, which is both a pro and a con. While gamers will usually prefer LED’s the average workstation user doesn’t want flashy lights. The fact that they are focusing on a quite fan usually means that you would look into products like these if you are considering a HTPC or workstation build, of course most don’t like big bright HTPC’s so I can understand why NoiseBlocker decided to get away from the LED’s for this design. Personally I want to see a manufacturer build a silent fan for the gamer that has a switch for the LED’s to turn them off and on as you wish till then the NoiseBlocker Multiframe S-Series PC Fan’s are pretty decent looking.



Let's checkout the specs and testing:

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