Dazzle* Video Creator Plus Review

Video Editing software can cost a pretty penny, and the hardware to allow you to transfer your video to your PC can cost almost as much. So that’s where the people at Pinnacle Systems got a really bright idea. How about we make something that will capture video for people and comes with a professional editing program?  Today we’re going to take a look at this great idea, the Dazzle Video Creator Plus, a USB device that takes the place of both a capture card and editing software. Click Read More for the full review and video.

Provided By : Pinnacle Systems

Cost: $89.99

Closer Look:

Right off the starting line the packaging does something that I really like. It shows you the product. The Dazzle* Video Creator Plus is visible through the plastic of the packaging. However, the part of the packaging that is not plastic is covered in graphics showing just what you might use it for, such as exporting to your iPod, PSP, and YouTube.

The back of the package has more detailed graphics showing the Dazzle* device being connected to various input devices such as cameras, computers and televisions. Different features of the included program are also stated on the box, letting the consumer know just what the product is capable of.

The contents of the box are as follows. The actual Dazzle* device is what you spot first, with the accompanying Pinnacle Studio installation CD. Beneath the CD are two sets of instructions, one brief and the other in depth. There is also a card containing customer support contact information and another card for a free issue of Videomaker magazine.

The Dazzle* device looks a little like an elongated Hershey’s Kiss. It has a solid feel and sports a charcoal finish. The word dazzle is embossed in the surface with a chromed asterisk beside it. I thought this was just the right amount of bling. The device connects to your PC via a standard USB port. The front of the device offers you two options for connecting to your media source. Composite Video and S-Video are your two choices. This ensures both backwards and forwards compatibility.

Let’s take a look at the Specifications and Features.

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