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Genius BT-03A Bluetooth Stereo Headset Review
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Written by PR0F GIGGLES   
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Genius BT-03A Bluetooth Stereo Headset Review
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Anyone that has ever used headphones has at some time or another complained about the wire that connects to their audio device. This Complaint usually has to do with the cable being a nuisance and usually has to do with getting caught on something or just being in the way. Well no more, with Bluetooth enabled devices becoming more and more readily available why should you have to put up with this stupid cable? Being able to easily connect with any Bluetooth enabled device and only a single wire connecting the two ear pieces the Genius Bt-03A Bluetooth Stereo Headset is one of my favorite set of head phones I have ever used. Let’s take a closer Look at these handy little headsets:

Product Provided By: Genius

Price: $80.37

Closer Look:

The packaging for the Genius BT-03A Bluetooth Stereo Headset comes in a nice clear plastic case so it’s easy to see the headset part of the product before opening the package. The front window displays some of the specs and features of these stereo headsets and the bottom suggest some of the devices that you could connect them to. The back of the package says about the same thing, just in over a dozen languages, the top does however display a diagram of the button functions of the headset.

Included with the Genius BT-03A Bluetooth Stereo Head set is an abundance of items such as; a USB to mini USB adaptor for charging from your PC and a 5 volt adapter to charge from a wall socket and a European adapter for those that like to travel. Also there is a Bluetooth dongle to allow any audio device to transmit via Bluetooth. There is also a RCA stereo cable for connecting your dongle to your TV or stereo Amp, an instruction manual, a spare set of ear pads, and an easy to use travel case for storing your headset.

The headset themselves are easy to use with ear hooks that easily and comfortably sit on the back of the ear. The controls on the right ear piece I found simple and easy to use. Whith a simple touch you can skip songs from the ear control the pause/mute function worked great when connected to phones and the provided Bluetooth dongle.

Let’s take a look at the specs and features:

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