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iFrogz EarPollution DJ Style Hustle Headphones Review
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Written by Munk   
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iFrogz EarPollution DJ Style Hustle Headphones Review
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Music is a muse of many movements, emotions, and creativity. One thing music has also incited is a fashion movement not only in genres of music for specific culture types but actual music products are becoming fashion statements in themselves. Companies like iFrogz are jumping on the bandwagon as it were and allowing the consumer to create their own style from their large range of custom options. The Dj series is no different, although the customization has been cut back to 5 different choices of style compared to the thousands of possibilities with other lines of headphones like the Fallout series we reviewed before, the iFrogz EarPollution DJ Style Hustle Headphones make up for the lack of customization with their quality of components let's see if it made a difference:


Provided by: iFrogz

Price: $49.99

Closer Look:

As with the Fallout series the package is nicely designed and allows you to see the product before you buy it. I hate when companies use pictures instead of products windows I want to see with my own eyes what I get before purchasing it. The folks at iFrogz got it right with this package design style.



There are no extras in the packaging just the headphones; being that these are “DJ Style” headphones I would have liked to see a ¼ adapter in order to use these with mixing equipment but most of us musicians have 5 or 6 of them sittings around so I guess it isn’t that necessary. One thing I did like was seeing the use of gold plating on the connector which the Fallout Series headphones didn’t have. The iFrogz EarPollution DJ Style Hustle Headphones are very slick looking and I love the fact that you can pack them up so they are a bit more compact.




The iFrogz EarPollution DJ Style Hustle Headphones are very comfortable I love the over ear design it is much more confortable then on ear style headphones. Another notable point to the Hustle headphones is that they have a substantial 50mm driver on them. This will ensure higher dB performance over the fallout headphones.



Let's check out the specs and testing:

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