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iPhone 3GS Review
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Written by Luismayhem17   
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Our tea-sipping Grandmothers have told us one a many adages throughout our childhood’s.  One of them no doubt has been “don’t judge a book by it’s cover”. This saying in all ways applies to the Apple’s new iPhone 3G’s. With the exception of one subtle external change the device remains identical!  However, upon picking up and using a 3GS the under-the-hood upgrades become apparent. Today we’re taking a look at what some say is a useless upgrade, but I beg to differ.  

Product by: Apple

Price: 16 GB: 199.99; 32 GB: 299.99

Closer Look:



  • Exact same dimensions as iPhone 3G
  • Available in 16 or 32 gigabyte capacities
  • 480-by-320-pixel resolution
  • Available in black or white models


  • 3 megapixel video/still camera with Autofocus/Tap-to-focus
  • 3.5-inch Display with Anti-Fingerprint coating
  • GPS and Compass capabilities
  • Improved Battery Life



Camera Tests:





Yes you can have a “3GS lite” of sorts by simply upgrading your new 3G with the new 3.0 firmware upgrade, but that’s like attempting to play Call of Duty on your netbook. It’ll run, just not the way it was meant to. By nearly double the RAM and processing power on the 3GS Apple has given this new iteration of the iPhone the tools it needs for some of the more impressive features that I’m sure are yet to come. Faster startup times, minimal applications load screens, and snappier performance are sure to be welcomed by all. For us music and movie hoarders the newly available 32 GB hard drive has eliminated our need to pick only our favorite media. The same demensions also mean that our new iPhone will be compatible with all of our old cases that some of us have invested a lot of money into! The exclusive to 3GS features are definitely appreciated, as is the marginally improved battery life. 

Ultimately, with monthly rates and a two-year contract extensions coming into play, not all of us will be able to fully embrace this phone. I recommend that power users and media rats make the upgrade for the improved space and usability. Soccer mom’s and trendy teens need not apply as they will come nowhere close to fully appreciating these upgrades. I’m willing to bet that Apple holds some big surprises for us in future software upgrades though. 


  • Compatible with all your old iPhone 3G cases! 
  • Improved speeds and “snappyness” 
  • Compass makes the Maps app more useful
  • New, bigger 32 GB hard drive model available
  • Video and voice  recording is surprisingly clear
  • Compatible with new volume buttons on some ear-buds


  • Anti-Fingerprint coating isn’t perfect
  • Cleaning cloth no longer included with iPhone
  • New compass and voice memo icons seem lazily designed

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