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Mobi Headphonies Mobile Speaker Review
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Written by Munk   
Hits smaller text tool iconmedium text tool iconlarger text tool icon can be expressed in many ways, two of which we will be discussing today in our review of the Mobi Headphonies. There is a huge cult fallowing of technology companies that combine products we both need and use on a somewhat daily basis and artistic expression. We have done a review for the Mimobots USD flash drives in the past now we are going to look at a speaker system that combines real artist designs with a pretty handy little sound device. Like the Mimobots you can get yourself a blank Headphonies and customize it yourself and join in the community of other artists showing of their own slant on the Headphonies design scheme. Sa artsy stuff aside how well does it work; let’s find out:

Provided by: Mobi

Price: $24.95

Closer Look:


Specifications and Features:

Headphonies™ brings together the art scene, music scene, and everything fun in between.

These ultra-portable 3-inch designer speakers feature thematic characters by various artists. Each one has a unique personality and attitude, but they all pump out the same amazing audio.


Enjoy Headphonies™ wherever you go with surprisingly serious sound outside your headphones. Perfect for sharing with others.

And when you link two Headphonies™ to your source with the optional audio splitter (sold seperately) the built-in hi-fi amplifier gives you true stereo playback. And at double volume!

Headphonies™ may be fun little add-ons to your MP3 player or portable gaming device... but they’re really big on sound with jaw-dropping volume and outstanding audio quality from any iPod, iPhone, Nintendo DS, Sony PSP... even most cell phones and computers... bringing art, music, and attitude together!

Worry-free auto-power circuitry eliminates the hassle of remembering to power On or Off so as not to drain the battery.

Stand them up on any flat area or take them along... tethered to your player, clothing or backpack... anywhere you go!

Headphonies™ work with any MP3 player, most mobile devices, portable CD and DVD players, computers… pretty much anything with a standard audio output.

Each Headphonies™ comes with its own USB charging cord and audio cable and plays for up to four hours with just one hour of charging.

For splitter cords and replacement parts CLICK HERE


Testing and Conclusion:

In order to test the Mobi Headphonies I decided to try them with a broad range of music and also test their performance with gaming and movies. Before I did the testing I burned in the headphonies for several hours to ensure they were at their best. For starters I will say that the Headphonies are not your best choice for anything bass heavy, they will frap and it is to be expected it’s not like you are going to be seeing a subwoofer in one of these anytime soon. I will say that the Mobi Headphonies excelled in folk and easy listening because they are extremely clear, I could not believe the quality of sound that came from these little guys. Also the sound from one of these little guys at ¾’s reached from my basement studio all the way up to my second storey bedroom that is some serious power from such a little package. Gaming was pretty awesome for PSP and iPhone and the Headphonies blow the doors off my laptop speakers by a long shot.

Movies I wouldn’t say are a strong point for the Headphonies due to the heavy bass etc but they are, again, still better than my laptop speakers.

Overall I would have to say I was “seriously surprised” by the Mobi Headphonies. These little dudes are by far the best sounding accessories of their size I have ever heard.

Would I recommend the Mobi Heapdhonies? Yes, they are awesome and the huge art fallowing make them more than just another accessory. I like the new wave of technology and creativity based companies coming out and I believe a barcode sporting future is not in the cards if more companies reward creativity and personal expression like Mobi does.Anytime a manufacturer bases its marketing projections on community and the arts backing it I think the future of technology will be a lot more palatable than the dooming “big brother” controlling future we have all been fed from the start of the industrial revolution. I say kudos Mobi and all your buddies at Mimobot. Keep up the good work. 


  • Superior Sound Quality
  • Fun
  • Artistic Expression
  • Great Innovation and Application
  • No Sub Woofed...I kid I kid
  • Nothing I can think of

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