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Radius Atomic Bass Earbud Review
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Written by TJ   
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Radius Atomic Bass Earbud Review
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Atomic things go boom. This fact has been established fairly well through history. The Atomic Bass earbuds from Radius are no exception to this rule. While they're not scientifically atomic, the bass is unusually powerful. These really live up to their name and go to show what it is that makes one pair of earbuds stand out from the next. Any glitch and fault in a set of earbuds can totally wreck the experience so its always a good to check out what you're buying so there are no regrets down the road. Click read more to get into the atomic testing...of these Atomic Bass earbuds. As always, nuclear fallout suits are optional. Here we go.

Provided By – Radius

Price – $39.99

Closer Look:

The earbuds come packaged in a black box, no plastic. This kinda gave me an impression that this was not a typical cheap set of earbuds. The front of the box lets you the gold plated jack and earbuds inside.You get what you see which is a good thing. I only want to be surprised by the quality of the sound, not a defective or missing piece of equipment. Click the image below if you want to enlarge it.

Like usual, the back of the box gets into some of the specs and features which we'll get into later. There's also a little blurb about the design of these earbuds. It mentions how these are designed for people with an active lifestyle. Excellent news for us active gamers...right?

As you can see from the contents picture below, the earbuds come with a set of adjustable tips, for people of all ear sizes, and a manual pointing out some warranty and liability information. I guess with great bass power, comes great responsibility. Remember that.
The pictures underneath give some specifics of the earbud design. For starters, they have the typical vent in the back. This ensures the sound breathes well so to speak, and delivers the best performance. The base of the earbuds is well connected to the cord so severe handling won't wreck or unattach the cord. In the words of Maxwell Smart, that would be a sucker punch to the gonads.
By now you may have noticed that the speaker does not come directly out of the front of the earbud. It looks bent. This is made to enhance the sound. It also gives the user more ways to wear the earbuds comfortably. They're not a ridiculously oversized pair of earbuds either. Even with the enhanced atomic bass everything is quite compact. The chrome ends really add a nice finish to the look of the earbuds too. The gold plated jack is a standard 3.5 mm with stereo output. It too is sturdy for rough use. The cord looks a little thin, but this isn't much of a problem as long as its ends are attached well and flexible. Everything is as it should be here.


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