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TX6 Gun Metal, Red LED Geek Watch Review
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Written by Munk   
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TX6 Gun Metal, Red LED Geek Watch Review
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In the world of the coding, basement dwelling, Über geek, nothing is cooler than LED’s and digital watches. has given the world a gizmogasm in the form of LED digital watch hybrids. If you miss the days as a 70’s child; showing off your cool digital watch to all your friends, you can enjoy that same feeling again. Without the subsequent ritualistic beatings from every other kid on the playground [including the girls]. As an adult you can reap the full benefit of this fashion choice and risk minimal amounts of ridicule. In fact one might say these watches are geek sheik. Let’s get a closer look at these:

Provided by: LED-WATCHES

Price: $100 or  £49.99

Closer Look:

The watches come shipped in a very nice case. The metallic case takes these watches from cheesy to a quality time piece. I was very impressed when I opened up the case. These are not your cheap dollar store knock offs. The watch looks very well made and I love gun metal so this watch is perfect.



The watch comes shipped in a plastic adhesive sheet to insure no finger prints or scratches get on it during the boxing and shipping process. Once the shielding is removed the finish on these watches beams. I was completely floored when I took the watch out of the case. At this point I have to say from first seeing these watches I thought they were cool but a little part of me thought they were a gimmick, and that they are no different than the kiosk of $10 watches at the mall. I was happily mistaken once I saw the TX6 LED digital watch up close.






This watch would suit more than just your average socially inept poindexter. I am pretty sure sporting this watch would even get Urkel chicks. That’s right this is my testament to you: if you buy one of these watches you will definitely get the ladies. They may very well have been born men but YOU don’t know that. The quality of women this watch gets you will depend solely on your W.O.W skills; or in reality what you drive, but hey if you have a sweet car this watch will only improve the situation. For those of you driving your mom’s Prius, at least you can navigate your way through dungeons and dragons using your watch as a torch.






The watch itself has a stop watch and the ability to change between 12 and 24h’s, you can also set the date. I like the fact that when you set the date you can see which day of the week it is when you check the time. This is a great bonus if you a binge drinking alcoholic, that wakes up in some strange dark room and don’t know if you have to go to work that day or not. WIN!




Let's check out the specs and features of this watch:

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