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V-Moda Vibe ii's Earphone Review
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Written by Munk   
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V-Moda Vibe ii's Earphone Review
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Phones and MP3 players are not the only thing that is getting more and more features added to them all the time. Of all things, the classic earbuds are getting pimped out with new features these days. You can get earbuds that include inline mics for your cell phone, and now a button to answer your phone and skip songs. One such earbud set is the Vibe ii’s from V-moda, not only do you get these features you also get Kevlar shielding to insure that these bad boys last for a long time. Is it really worth it to buy a pair of pimped out earbuds instead of buying a pair form the dollar store and using them till they die? Well let's get a better look at these and see if it is, really worth it:

Provided by: V-Moda

Price: $119.99

Closer Look:

As I always say I love seeing what I am buying, the people at V-moda did a great job in their package design. It looks very quality and it still has the product window! In my opinion if they can’t show the product on the packaging it must be pretty poor quality. Judging purely on the packages quality if I walked by these I would say they are very high end. I love the fact that all of the info you need is on the back of the packaging. It has simple features listed for those that do not understand frequency response etc. But for those of you that do, it gives that information as well, along with full sound quality details. All of this info is found by opening the center of the packaging which shows all of the extra bonuses included.




There is a virtual cornucopia of extras with the V-Moda Vibe ii Earphones. Included with the buds themselves are 2 sets of flanges (XsS,S,M,L) in both black and white. You also get a nice carrying pouch that actually holds all of the extras nicely. The addition of the over ear sport earhooks is something I haven’t seen with other iPhone earbuds in the past, also included is the manual. Another cool bonus is the VIP card which gets you into the member’s only sections of V-Moda. There isn’t much there yet but they are planning on adding tour dates and a number of other cool bonuses you will only get to see if you purchase a V-moda product.



Let's take a closer look at the V-Moda Vibe ii Earphone's themselves:

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