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Yidsun SPK-800 Bluetooth Speaker Review
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Written by PR0F GIGGLES   
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Yidsun SPK-800 Bluetooth Speaker Review
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Having music on your phone can be an enjoyable experience. Everyone likes being able to have their music with them wherever they go. A major problem with the music on your phone is that the best way to share your music is to play it through the phones speakers, and these speakers aren’t designed to play music to the depth or quality that it takes to enjoy it properly. This is why the people at Yidsun have invented the SPK-800 Bluetooth Speaker. With these speakers you can play your music load and clear using the Bluetooth function on most phones. Let’s take a closer look at the Yidsun SPK-800 Bluetooth Speakers:

Product Provided By: Yidsun

Price:  Aprrox. $75

Closer Look:

The Yidsun SPK-800 Bluetooth Speakers come in nice simple packaging that clearly shows the speaker, the top also displays some of the features of the speaker. The bottom mentions some more features and functions of the Yidsun SPK-800. Also the bottom has some suggestion as to some of the ways you can use this amazingly easy to use Bluetooth Speaker.

Included with the Yidsun SPK-800 is a cable for plugging audio directly in from an external source such as a laptop or mp3 player. Also inside is a USB to mini USB cable for powering the speakers without burning through your 4 AAA batteries. Hidden underneath the plastic holding display is the manual for the Yidsun SPK-800. The manual tells you how to connect the speaker to your devices, the average battery life, and how to use the Yidsun SPK-800 as a desktop hands-free speaker box for your Bluetooth enabled phone, or Skype.
 Now let’s take a look at the features and functions:

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