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Zagg Zbuds Iphone Earphone Review
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Written by Munk   
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Zagg Zbuds Iphone Earphone Review
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It is easy to see that music is a major part of people’s lives these days. Portable music is a multi-billion dollar industry. Between mp3 players and mp3 integrated devices, you pretty much end up with a mp3 player sooner or later. One such popular device is the iPhone from apple. This device comes with a generic pair of earbuds but if you are spending upward of $600 for an iPhone why use cheap earbuds? Most people's answer to this is that most earbuds don’t double as headsets. This is where the Zbudds from Zagg come in. Seamlessly integrating quality earbuds and headset features all in one streamlined package. Let’s get a closer look at these:


Provided By: Zagg

Price: $79.99

Closer Look:

The packaging for the Zagg Zbuds reminds me of ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics, with the headset presented in profile. As I have mentioned many times in other reviews the product packaging that shows the product through a windows gets higher marks than other packaging. "What you see is what you get" - is important when I am shopping, I hate being surprised when I get home after buying something only to realize it is not exactly as pictured on the box. The back of the packaging has user reviews and all of the information you would need for truly understanding what this products is for and how it is used.



Along with the Zbuds you get a carrying pouch and a wide range of silicone and foam in ear flanges. Included are 2 sizes of foam buds, 3 white silicone flanges(small medium, and large), and one triple flanged black silicone set.



The buds themselves are well built; the metal casing instills confidence in the quality of the product. The chord shielding seems rugged, the only down side I see is the potential for fraying, right out of the packaging there was fraying on the shielding pictured below. The inline control is another awesome feature the one click to answer and hang up a call, and two clicks to skip a song are an awesome feature for your iPhone.



Two other great features the Zagg Zbuds offer is inline volume control and a noose for anchoring your earphones to your device of choice. The second option is important in my opinion because more then once I have turned wrong and my mp3 player flew out of my pocket and the headphone port wasn’t strong enough to keep a mp3 player or iPhone from taking flight. You will still yank your device out with a wrong move but it won’t plummet to the ground as easily.



Let's see some specs and features on these:

Evan   | |2009-03-06 01:10:34
I bought these after seeing the 2009 CES design and innovation.... yadda, yadda
award, thinking that these would have to be the king of aftermarket, mid-price,
hi-fidelity, iPhone-compatible headphones.

Boy was I wrong. The first pair
never worked right, then eventually failed. The replacement pair lasted about
two weeks of just normal, daily use before failing. So, what failed? On the
first pair, the answer/hang-up or play/pause button never worked. That was
frustrating, but I decided to suck it up. within about two weeks though, the
connection between the cord and the 1/8" jack must have dislodged, as one
channel just stopped coming through. If I manipulated it just so, I could get it
to play, but would have to hold it in some awkward position to get it to

So, I called ZAGG and told them what happened. They offered to replace
them, but when I mailed the Z-Buds in, I got an email telling me that they were
out o...
admin  - Sorry to hear that   |SAdministrator |2009-03-06 05:10:19
That is a bummer man sorry you had such a horrible time with them. If you are
not satisfied with the Zbuds I would suggest the V-moda Vibe ii's we should have
the review up next week. The answer, hangup, song skip button has a kevlar
casing and just seems a bit more quality than the zbuds. The sounds quality is
much better as well.
Josh  - Disappointing   | |2009-04-13 06:30:06
Save your money, and the headache. I thought the Z.Buds from ZAGG looked like
an innovative idea, so I bought a pair. After waiting several weeks for them to
arrive (they were on backorder) I received them and immediately got hooked on
the 'round the neck design. Kudos on a well-executed idea.
But after a few
weeks of normal usage, I began to have problems with the 3.5mm connection. The
nylon wrapper around the cord, which had been one of the primary selling points
for me, dislodged from the 3.5mm connector and began sliding up and down the
rubber cord. Soon after, the rubber nub that holds the cord in place at the
3.5mm connector also became dislodged. I was very disappointed.
I contacted
customer service and was even more disappointed. They told me I could pay $20
under their "Lifetime Trade-In Guarantee" program and they'd fix or
replace them. Six weeks into ownership, and just a few days past the return
admin   |SAdministrator |2009-04-13 09:09:43
They have had a few issues since launch some have had no problems where as other
had nothing but. The fact that they are a relatively new company to the earbuds
market is a factor to think about as well. I for one absolutely love the vibe
2's from vmoda I use them on a daily basis you might want to consider a set of
those instead.
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