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ATP EarthDrive 2GB USB Flash Drive Review
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Written by Munk   
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ATP EarthDrive 2GB USB Flash Drive Review
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When I started getting into computers, two gigabytes fit on 6 - 3.5 inch hard drives. The day has finally come when your media can fit on something only slightly larger than a standard USB end. One major problem with all these new technologies coming out is there massive effect on our environment. This is where companies like ATP step up to the plate and make drives like the EarthDrive which is 100% recyclable, even the packaging is made from recycled material. I am all for earth friendliness and everything but I want to see how well it performs before I start singing around the fire and making hemp bracelets so let’s check it out in detail by clicking read more:

Provided by: ATP

Price: $20.32

Closer Look:

The packaging for the ATP EarthDrive USB Flash Drive is very nicely designs and definitely portraits a “green” standard. The marketing department did a good job choosing this design. And of course I like the fact that they include packaging that you can actually see the product with. I love the windows on packaging and in this case seeing the size of the product is a major selling point. It also shows a lot of the great features this drive has over other drives which we will get into more detail in, in the specifications section.



The packaging includes the ATP EarthDrive USB Flash Drive and a handy little keychain clip. A feature I thought was pretty neat was that the ATP EarthDrive USB Flash Drive has a little switch to pop the USB connector in and out for when you have it in your pocket or where ever you decide to store it.



This picture really puts the ATP EarthDrive USB Flash Drive in perspective below is a dime not a quarter. This thing is tiny so if you buy one check your pockets before you run your laundry. Granted the EarthDrive is water proof but you might not want to test that out also the dryer might now be too friendly either.


Let's have a look at the software included:

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