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Cavalry Pelican 2.5" SATA and USB SSD Review
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Written by Munk   
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Cavalry Pelican 2.5" SATA and USB SSD Review
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Up until now the only way to get high speed HDD power was to go with a raptor. The problem with going for a 10,00RPM Hard Drive is the longevity on these drives, While impressive for how fast they move, didn’t last as long as you would want from such and expensive drive. Now with major leaps and jumps in the world of Solid State Drive Technology we are seeing some serious speeds coming from SSD’s. The drives may not be very big but they are more then large enough to run your OS and if you put out a little more cheddar you can get a very decent sized drive that you never seen in the past for SSD’s. The Cavalry Pelican 2.5" SATA and USB SSD will be put through the paces today by going up some mid sized drives and a larger 720GB Samsung. Let's check out the drive first:
Provided by: Cavalry

Price: $118.53

Closer Look:

The packaging for the Pelican 2.5" SATA and USB SSD is nice and simple you get to see what you get right off the bat which I like. Simple clean design and all of the specs and features you could ever want.



Included with the Drive and a USB to Mini USB cable incase you want to use your Pelican 2.5” SSD like an external hard drive. This is a nice feature you can also easily boot off of a USB Device, you can go from your SATA port at home and boot up with your USB at your office.




Let's check out the specs and features:

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