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Cooler Master NotePal Infinite Notebook Cooler Review
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Written by Munk   
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Cooler Master NotePal Infinite Notebook Cooler Review
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Scroll buttons on the lappy script right fast how you gonna learn to scrippy scroll so fast. For those of you unfamiliar with the opening statement it is taken from the e-mail guru Strong Bad and his delightful cartoon Strong Bad e-mail’s. Keep your comments of my immaturity to yourself for a moment and listen. Strong Bad, like many, uses a laptop and the one thing we all know about lap tops is that there is no such thing as using it as a lap top because it makes you sweat like some indescribable sweaty type thing.  What is a wrestling mask wearing animated character to do? The answer lies in the long list of notebook coolers we have on the market today. The one we will be looking into right now will be the Cooler Master NotePal Infinite Notebook Cooler. Will this cooler be worthy of the Strong Bad? Let’s find out:

Provided by: Cooler Master

Price: $35.24

Closer Look:

The packaging for the Cooler Master NotePal Infinite Notebook Cooler is similar to most Cooler Master products. The design is always simple and clean with all of the pertinent information you need easily accessible from the back panel of the box and great product shots through the overall design.





Included with the Cooler Master NotePal Infinite Notebook Cooler is a USB to USB Mini converter cable to power the unit and a manual for basic operation and features that the Cooler Master NotePal Infinite Notebook Cooler offers.



I love the design of the cooler itself; the anti-slip rubber feet are a nice touch to the cooling metal surface insuring your notebook stays where it is supposed to. The size of the cooler means it can be used for every notebook under 17 inches without overhang.


Some nice bonus features this cooler has that others I have used don’t have is the multiple fan settings switch, and on/off switch, a cable run to keep the USB out of the way, and cable hooks. Another nice bonus feature is the fact that the Cooler Master NotePal Infinite Notebook Cooler doesn’t take up one of your much needed USB ports; by having the ability to plug right in to the Notepals extra USB port you are good to go.


Let's check out the specs and testing:


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