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Evercool Buffalo Heat Pipe CPU Cooler Review
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Written by PR0F GIGGLES   
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Evercool Buffalo Heat Pipe CPU Cooler Review
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When it comes to CPU coolers there is a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and styles. There are monstrous coolers that only fit in the largest of PC cases, there are those that are made with a low profile shape to perform just as well as large ones in a smaller space, there are also some that are just built small and don’t really look like they could do much. In this review I will be testing the Evercool Buffalo Heat Pipe CPU Cooler. I will be upfront and say that I was disappointed when I first saw this cooler, thinking that it wasn’t going to do much, but it really came through and we were amazed by this little guys abilities. Click read more to find out why we found this little CPU cooler was more than it should have been:

Product Provided By: Evercool


Price: USD $20.79

Closer Look:

The packaging for the Evercool Buffalo Heat Pipe CPU Cooler I thought had a perfect layout for the product. The front and back display pictures of the cooler and I thought that the red and black background was very eye catching. One side of the package displays the features and specifications of the CPU cooler, the other side shows how to install the cooler and shows whether the box contains the Intel or AMD model of the cooler.


Once inside the package there really isn’t much to say. Inside there is a small tube of thermal compound and the cooler itself and that’s it.

In the intro when I said I was a little disappointed I meant that it’s just a little CPU cooler, but after the tests you will see why looks can sometimes be very deceiving. The cooler itself like I said is quite small and resembles most CPU Coolers that I had seen in the past, with a bunch of heat dispersing fins, four heat pipes, and a fan. The shape and size of the Evercool Buffalo Heat Pipe CPU Cooler makes iteasy to fit in most rigs out there.

The base of the Evercool Buffalo Heat Pipe CPU Cooler is made of copper, it’s finely lapped and perfectly flat making for excellent heat transfer. The heat pipes are well designed and from the Evercool website they are reported to have a seamless transfer of heat to the fins for maximum heat dispersion.


When it came to installing the Evercool Buffalo CPU Cooler it was one of the easiest I had done so far. Unlike some of the easy to use Intel clips on some CPU coolers, I found these clips to be the easiest I have ever used. I found that I didn’t have to fight to try and get them to pop into place or feel like I was going to break something trying to get the last clip into place.

Now let’s move on to the specs and features:

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