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Evercool Hermes Notebook Cooler Review
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Written by Munk   
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Evercool Hermes Notebook Cooler Review
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In my opinion somewhere along the lines the word laptop changed to notebook, the reason? Laptops rarely end up on your lap, there seems to be a number or users that user the convenience of a laptop as both there home and work computer. Any one that has ever placed a notebook on their lap knows how hot they get and how uncomfortable it can  be, not to mention the damage you can do to your laptop by allowing it to overheat on your lap. Another downfall of using a laptop as your work computer is the lack of ergonomic design which causes strain while typing. That is how the idea of notebook coolers was born, Evercool has recently come out with the Hermes that not only cools the bottom of the laptop but also allows the laptop to remain at an angle to mimic ergonomic design taking the strain off of the user. Let’s check it out:


Provided by: Evercool


Price: TBA

Closer Look:

The packaging for the Evercool Hermes Notebook Cooler is pretty standard and simple. I like the fact that they went with a windowed design for the packaging so you get an understanding of the exact size of the cooler before purchasing it. The features and specs listed are pretty extensive for a notebook cooler, so if you are the type that is interested in a lot of information you will easily be able to make an informed decision with the written content on the packaging.





The Evercool Hermes Notebook Cooler is very reminiscent of a baterang so in your lunch breaks and after work you can reach in your laptop bag and fight crime like the Dark Knight if you wish. I wouldn’t say this would be a great design for your everyday working professionals but it is a younger audience crowd pleaser. The addition of USB powered fans on top of the cooling ability that the stand by itself offers is a nice bonus. The addition of ergonomic design is another nice extra to the design of this cooler. I also have to make mention of how compact the unit is while still being able to support a 17 inch laptop (even though the packaging only says 9-14) which is great for easy transport. The Evercool Hermes Notebook Cooler is a little on the thick side so you would need a larger sized laptop bag to carry it.


Let's check out the specs and testing:

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