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Genius G-Pen F350 Tablet Review
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Written by Munk   
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Genius G-Pen F350 Tablet Review
Closer Look (Software)
Specifications and Features
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If you have ever used a mouse to do original works of digital art in Adobe photoshop or illustrator then you know how difficult it can be. You can spend hours getting the effects or screen that you can do with a pen and paper in a matter of seconds. This is where tablets come in. From their meager beginnings tablets have come a long way and more and more graphic designers are tossing out there trusty mouse and replacing it with a tablet. One such company is one of the top tablet manufacturers to date and there latest iteration the Genius G-Pen F350 Tablet has come a long way from the old tablets with minimal pressure sensitivity. Let’s see if this tablet is worth your time and effort:


Provided by: Genius

Price: $38.95

Closer Look:

The packaging for the Genius G-Pen F350 Tablet is very well designed. There is no fancy window to show the product but the product is basic so everything you see in the picture on the front is what the products will be. The packaging has a slew of features and specs listed for anyone that knows exactly what they are looking for which is always nice. Notable features is that the tablet is good for both mac and vista platforms.



Included with the Genius G-Pen F350 Tablet is the manual, pen and accessories, driver disks for both mac and windows, and a licensed copy of Corel Photo Impact.



Included with the pen are two additional pen tips, a battery, and a pen tip puller.



The Genius G-Pen F350 Tablet is very simple sleek in its design. The ability to have the hot keys binded to the tablet is a nice touch. You can swap out the cardboard insert depending on your OS. If you make your own custom key binding you can make your own insert and pop it under the transparent flap.



Now let's look at some of the software:

Closer Look (Software):

There is a veritable ton of software with this tablet. You notice this right from the first time you put in the software CD with the drivers on it.




There is a lot of software and features included I will go through most of them but if you are interested in the rest buy one! Free Notes, and office Ink are great for presentations or if you are making screen capture videos. You can draw anywhere on the screen or take notes with your G-pen on screen.




The macro software is awesome you can hot link to keystrokes, applications, and shortcuts. The applications comes preconfigured for your OS or you can make your own complete set of macros and have as many variations of macros as you like. The customizability of this tablet is virtually infinite.



Photo Impact 12SE is included with the software bundle which is an awesome bonus for anyone that cannot afford to use Adobe based products. This software on its own is easily worth the cost of the Genius G-Pen F350 Tablet on its own. Below is the installations and all of the starting wizards this software offers:








Let's take a look at the specs and features:


Specifications and Features:


  • Device Type Stylus, Digitizer
  • Form Factor External
  • Width 7.5 in
  • Depth 0.3 in
  • Height 5.9 in
  • Weight 4.4 oz

Input Device

  • Connectivity Technology Wired
  • Interface USB
  • Movement Detection Technology Electromagnetic
  • Pressure Levels 1024
  • Active Area 5 in x 3 in
  • Features Pressure sensitive pen, Programmable buttons

Expansion / Connectivity

  • Interfaces 1 x USB - 4 pin USB Type A


  • Included Accessories 2 ink tips, AAA battery, Stylus holder, Refill tweezer
  • Cables Included 1 x USB cable


  • Type None

Software / System Requirements

  • Software Included Power Presenter RE, FreeNotes, Ulead PhotoImpact XL SE, Drivers & Utilities
  • OS Required Apple MacOS X 10.2.8 or later, Microsoft Windows Vista / 2000 / XP
  • Peripheral / Interface Devices CD-ROM
Let's Get to the Testing:


There is no real benchmarking software for tablets so I will be doing a personal opinion test on this tablet. I will test the tablet for normal everyday office use (what you would use a mouse for). I will also be doing a quick drawing test for 2 minutes using my mouse (Logitech G5) and the Genius G-Pen F350 Tablet. I will show the horrible finished pictures I produce in that time period (through no fault of the mouse or the tablet just my drawing skills). There will also be a grade out of ten for ease of use and comfort.

 The ability to open up applications with macros made quick work of office work. the G5 was a bit better for surfing.


G5 Mouse

6/10 Surfing the web

10/10 Surfing the web

10/10 Opening Applications

8.5/10 Opening Applications


 Drawing Test:





That was brutal I am sorry you had to see that, But you will have to admit the little creepy Asian dude was slightly better with the G-Pen, okay self criticisms aside the Genius G-Pen F350 Tablet destroyed the G5. You simply cannot imitate a hand drawn replica with a mouse without some serious manipulations and way more tools then you should ever need. The Genius G-Pen F350 Tablet was perfect because I set up a ton of macros in order to be able to grab the tools I use the most with a simple button push on the tablet. Of course the area where undo is located on my tablet is almost warn through already (I kid I  kid). I cannot remember what that Asian Symbol stands for but it probably means “guy with flashy things behind him that looks like he got kicked in the groin.” There is your language lesson for today.

Comfort and Ease of use Test:




Ease of use







Overall the G-pen did great I wouldn't recommend it in replacement for your gaming mouse for gaming but it is a very usable and user friendly peripheral once you take the time to cut the ties to your mouse dependency.Let's see the final thoughts:


The Genius G-Pen F350 Tablet is a great tablet I have used larger tablets and loved them but the small drawing surface is not bad on the Genius G-Pen F350 Tablet. I had no issues running out of space because the desktop no matter what resolution is fully accessible from the G-Pen. For the price you can pick one of these up you get an amazing product for the price.

Would I recommend this tablet? Yes, if you have never had a tablet and you are intrigued by the idea this is an excellent choice it is a very reasonable price considering the software that comes with it. If you are a graphic designer with a monster tablet this is a great choice for your laptop bag if you are going to be working on the road. I think anyone with an artistic talent that is still using a mouse should definitely give this a shot.


  • Price
  • Software
  • Versatility
  •  Slim and Portable
  • Sensitivity
  • Steep Learning Curve at the Beggining




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