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In Win F430 PC Gaming Chassis Review
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Written by Munk   
Hits smaller text tool iconmedium text tool iconlarger text tool icon cars and performance go hand in hand, Gamers and enthusiasts liken their PC to performance hotrods all the time; whether it be the speed in which super pi can be completed as being likened to a drag race or “pimping” out your case much like Xibit and his boys do to cars. Thus far I have not personally seen any chassis made specifically for the car enthusiast in mind aside from custom mods; that is until now. In-Win have done it again mixing performance style and functionality all into one beautiful looking package. The In-Win F430 is a perfect marriage of the car and computer enthusiast into one cherry chassis. Let’s get a good look at it up close and personal:

Provided By: In-Win

Price: $101.99

Closer Look:




 Specifications and Features:

Case Size:
Mini Tower
Automobile paint plastic front panel 0.8mm Japanese Steel Body
1. 16.8'' × 8.3'' × 19.3''
2. 426 × 210 × 490mm
Data Security:
Padlock loop for padlock
Power Supply:
1. ATX 12V
2. PS/2
I/O Expansion Slots:
Thermal Solution:
Intel Certified TAC1.1 Smart-3D UniDuct™ & PCI Vent Hole 12 cm Ceramic Bearing Rear Fan
Front I/O:
1. USB2.0*4
2. IEEE 1394A*1(FireWire)
3. HD/AC' 97 Audio
External Drive Bay:
1. 5.25'' × 4
2. 3.5''× 2
Internal Drive Bay:
3.5'' × 3
1. ATX
2. Micro ATX
3. CEB1.1
4. Server M/B
1. Meets RoHS
2. CE and FCC Class B Requirement
1. 9 cm Rear Fan
2. Chassis Intrusion Switch

Test Setup:

  • MOBO- MSI G45M
  • CPU- Intel Core 2 Duo E8500 3.16
  • Ram- Kingston 4GB DDR2
  • HDD- Seagate Barracuda 500GB
  • PSU- Nexus RX-1K 1000 Watt



For testing I will be running a few simple tests and recording the idle and load temps of the CPU, GPU, HDD, and the ambient temp inside the case. To achieve the load temps I will be using the Prime 95 Burn-In test. The ambient room temp will be kept at a steady 23 degrees to ensure controlled testing results.



B-Gears B-Envi

In-Win F430







32°C (90°F)

48°C  (118°F)

29°C (84°F)

49°C (120°F)


26°C (79°F)

26°C (79°F)

24°C (75°F)

24°C (75°F)


22°C (72°F)

23°C (73°F)

22°C (72°F)

24°C (75°F)


From what we can see here the F430 is a great case and keeps components well within tolerable temperature ranges. I was impressed with this cases performance over all so lets see the final thoughts:


I must say the F430 is the nicest case I have seen out of In-Win yet, this is a very impressive feat because so far there is not one case we have not loved from In-Win. The coupling of style and function are incredible. Products from In-Win become a focal point of a well designed room, as opposed to the normal need to hide the computer in the corner so as not to detract from a room. The metallic paint job on the F430 is absolutely awesome I have never seen such a nice paint job on a case that was factory produced. This type of attention to detail would be something you would expect from a modded custom case not a production model.

Would I recommend this product? I honestly can’t think of anyone that came into the office that didn’t instantly ooo and ahh over this case, men and women alike loved it! This is a great case and I think if you are an exotic car enthusiast and you are still sporting a white box pc case you should be ashamed of yourself with beautiful cases like the F430 arround and you don’t own one.


  • Style
  • Metallic Paint
  • Cheesy Engine Noise (it made me laugh so it gets points)
  • Awesome Start Button
  • Decent Temps
  • Quiet
  • None (although I would love to see a hummer version for full tower applications haha) 

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