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In-Win 'NA 3.5 HDD Enclosure Review
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Written by PR0F GIGGLES   
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In-Win 'NA 3.5 HDD Enclosure Review
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Style or functionality, sometimes when choosing an external 3.5 HDD it can come down to these options. While some like me that only have 1 TB drives for backing up our data the need to rely on an enclosure that will function when they need it is important. Others like to have an unassuming enclosures that blend in and run all the time from their desks.Why not chose both? With the extremely unique design of the In-Win ‘NA not only can it be used as an effective HDD enclosure but it could also be used as a central conversation piece in the right situation. Let’s take a closer look at this product:

Product Provided By: In-Win

Price:  $48.99

Closer Look:

The packaging looks like something that you pick up in a Chinese market somewhere. Yet this unassuming box contains one of the most unique looking enclosures I have ever seen. Most of the box just says that it’s an e SATA 3.5” HDD enclosure but once you flip over the box it displays all of the specs and features that you would need to know about this cool looking enclosure.

Included with the In-Win ‘NA is: a power cable, a USB, and an e SATA cable, also there is an instruction manual, and a small card that says that the porcelain lid isn’t covered under warranty.


The enclosure itself is quite the looker. With a solid, hand crafted porcelain serving tray for a lid, in the right setting this little guy would blend right in and you would never guess that it was a HDD enclosure. Mounted in the bottom is a small, silent 60 mm fan that runs off of the enclosures build in thermostat to make sure your hard drive keeps cool. As for installing a hard drive in the enclosure, I found it to be one of the best I have ever used. Remove the lid, undo a couple of screws and plug it in. Some enclosure I used in the past sometimes where a hassle to get open and closed, and seeing that this enclosure says that it supports hot swapping I can see why it was designed with an easy to use setup.


Neatly hidden underneath the unit is a small compartment that makes organizing your cables and stops them from going all over the place, just one more thing that this unit does to provide a little bit of style.

Now let’s take a look at the specs and features:

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