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JetArt EzFan Review
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Written by Luis Rocha   
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Keeping your laptop cool often is synonymous to keeping your lap cool. There are many pads and lap stands that keep your computer cool while it’s on you. Then there are those products that attempt to improve performance while it lies on your desk. Personally this seems like a trivial endeavor to me as I’ve never reached molten temperatures on my laptop on that note we will take a look at the Jetart EzFan. This product is a unique attempt at laptop cooling.


Product provided by: Jetart

Price: Not Listed

Closer Look:



  • All-round notebook cooling
  • Free airflow adjustment
  • Easy power cable extension
  • Hidden cable slot design
  • Light, thin and easy to carry




 126.3 x 104.6 x 29.6 mm


 DC 5.0 V


 0.3 A

 Power Consumption

 1.5 W

 Power Supply

 USB Cable

 Fan Speed

 1400 ~ 2500 R. P. M.


 18.0 ~ 32.12 dBA


 215 g






I didn’t notice much of a difference in my computers temperature or performance. My palms remained dry but even so, it’s nothing some air conditioning can’t fix. On these hot California summers I even preferred using this fan to keep MYSELF cool!

Would I recommend this product? Honestly it don’t personally, I could live without it and even those of you looking for a cooling solution might be better off with a more conventional method. The EZfan is a cute product but doesn’t do much for my overall computing in my opinion but there is always something for everyone so if you are interested in this product it may be perfect for you.


  • Blows cooling air in any direction you choose with adjustable base
  • Adjustable settings
  • Fan is weak at low settings


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