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Kingwin KM-31BK HD-Multimedia Player and Recorder Enclosure Review
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Written by Munk   
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Kingwin KM-31BK HD-Multimedia Player and Recorder Enclosure Review
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Home theater PC’s can be a very pricy addition to your home theater. It's not just a matter of throwing any old PC together and hooking it up; if you want a fully immersive experience you need either Vista or XP media edition for an OS and a graphics card capable of doing HD. Also needed is a motherboard and processor that can get the job done. What if I said the PC you have sitting in your office is good enough and all you have to do is spend another $129.99 to get a fully immersive HD experience? Not only do you get this but also integrated OS and DVR capabilities all in one. This may sound too good to be true but the Kingwin KM-31BK HD-Multimedia Player and Recorder is everything you need all in one package. Let’s get a closer look at it:

Provided by: Kingwin

Price: $129.99

Closer Look:

The packaging for the Kingwin KM-31BK HD-Multimedia Player and Recorder is very well designed. It looks very professional and has all of the information you would need if you were looking for an HD enclosure like this. Some things to note: is that the Kingwin KM-31BK HD-Multimedia Player and Recorder is only capable of 720P or 1080i. For anyone with LCD’s larger than 36 inches this may hinder the full potential of your TV; otherwise 720P and 1080P look exactly the same on anything smaller than 36 inches.



Included along with the enclosure is a remote, composite cable, component cable, manual, transcode server software, and for the really technologically ignorant a big flash card styled sheet for setting it up with your TV.



Let's have a look at the Kingwin KM-31BK HD-Multimedia Player and Recorder:

T3  - Kingwin KM-31 BK   | |2009-07-20 08:57:41
"One thing to make note of: is if you copy files to the hard drive they must
be in mpeg format. One way you can easily play any video file type is by using
the transcoding software bundled with the Kingwin KM-31BK HD-Multimedia Player.
This still will not allow you to play div-x or avi files from your hard drive,
but you can stream them through the network from your network share files on
your pc".

This is not true I own the kingwin KM-31 and you can play
Div-x/avi files that you copy to the HD.
admin   |SAdministrator |2009-07-20 11:53:13
you might have the latest firmware at the time of the release of the one i have
it didn't and it still doesn't
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