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Lapworks Futura Gamers Desk Review
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Written by PR0F GIGGLES   
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Lapworks Futura Gamers Desk Review
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Have you ever wondered if there was another option other than just putting your uncomfortable laptop directly onto your lap? Or if there was some way to comfortably help your laptops dispersal of its heat while making it more ergonomic. From the wonderful people at Lapworks, we also have the honor of doing a test run of their Lapworks Futura Gamers Desk. While not being as light as their Ultralite model, it does have a more ridged build that I had hoped for. Now let’s take a closer Look at how this model stands up to some other similar products:

 Provided By: Lapworks

Price: $29.95

Closer Look:

The Lapworks Futura Gamers Desk comes in a clear plastic bag with a small description of some of its features. This model is a little heavier than the Ultralite Desk, and feels far more ridged in its build. This was something that I liked a lot more about the Lapworks Futura Gamers Desk.  I felt a lot more secure in putting the laptop on this while it was propped open in one of its four ergonomic positions.

Something I really liked and forgot to mention while reviewing the Ultralite, is that they both have incredible anti-slip pads to reduce slipping of whatever you decide to put on it. When I say that it has good pads I mean that when I put down my keyboard, I sometimes rest it as about a 50° angle and it doesn’t budge an inch, and while playing some FPS's it doesn't slide around in my lap.

Now let's take a look at the specs and features:

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