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Level 1 WBR-3800 3G Portable Wireless Hotspot Review
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Written by PR0F GIGGLES   
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Level 1 WBR-3800 3G Portable Wireless Hotspot Review
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Have you ever wished that where ever you went you could have wireless internet. Well those old archaic days of only having internet on you cell or smart phones are over. Now anywhere you have cell service and power, you can have high speed internet access. Yes you heard right The geniuses at Level 1 have come out with a portable wireless hotspot that, with 3G network card or 3G USB dongle, you can access the internet from just about anywhere. No more of this having to search for the internet, have it come to you. Let’s take a closer look at well it works:


Product Provided By: Level 1

Price: $136.99

Closer Look:

The Level 1 WBR-3800 3G Portable Wireless Hotspot comes in a very tasteful box with a simple picture of the product and all of the specs that you would need to get your interest. Something that I wish they had was a window to view the product but the picture is more than enough to clearly display what it looks like. The package also shows some pictures of related products from Level 1.





As for the product itself it’s a little flashier than most routers, sporting two colors and all but seeing that the emphasis here is that it’s meant to me portable why not. The rear panel is very simplified with a single USB port, LAN and WAN ports, and of course a place to connect the antenna and power. The front sports LEDs to display activity for power, LAN, WAN, and 3G connectivity.


Included with the Level 1 WBR-3800 3G Portable Wireless Hotspot is almost everything that you would need to get it fully operational. Included is; a stand for if you plan on keeping it stationary for a home or office and four rubberized feet for said stand, a short Cat5 cable to connect to the WAN port, an antenna, a power cable, a manual, and a driver disk.

Now let’s take a look at the specs and features:

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