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Nexus 430w Compact ATX Quiet Power Supply Review
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Written by Munk   
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Nexus 430w Compact ATX Quiet Power Supply Review
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Power supplies are a very important part of any PC. With something as straight forward as a power supply, you wouldn’t expect to see a big range of different features. As peoples needs are changing so are their demands on there PC components. Individual people may have more than one type of computer need. Gamers can love media as well as gaming so having a huge full tower case with bright LED’s in their living room doesn’t quite blend in very well. This is where silent series components come in like the Nexus 430w Compact ATX Quiet Power Supply with great power efficiency and more than enough wattage to power a home theater OPC or a office base desktop. With all of the noise in the world more and more people are switching to quieter PC’s. Let’s have a look at the Nexus 430w Compact ATX Quiet Power Supply:

Provided by: End PC Noise

Price: $79.99

Closer Look:

The packaging for the Nexus 430w Compact ATX Quiet Power Supply is very simple and definitely let’s you know that the company was going for a “green” theme for this power supply. The entire box is made from recycled materials. All of the information you would need on the power supply is provided right on the box (See “specifications and Features” section for more info)



The Nexus 430w Compact ATX Quiet Power Supply is a great small size and should fit in almost any ATX based case. The addition of a nice sized 120mm fan ensures optimal cooling for your PSU capacitors and other components.



Even though I love modular design for the price and quality this PSU makes up for its lack of modular with having every cable you would ever need:


  • 20+4-pin motherboard connector
  • PCI-Express connector 6+2-pin
  • PCI-Express connector 6-pin
  • 4 x SATA connector
  • 8-pin 4+4-pin
  • 6 x Molex 4-pin connector
  • 1 x Floppy connector



Let's check out the specs and features:


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