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NZXT Avatar Gaming Mouse Review
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Written by Munk   
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NZXT Avatar Gaming Mouse Review
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If you are a gamer chances are you own, or have used gaming mice at one point in time or another. Gaming mice are an integral part of a good gamers skills. Don’t confuse this with me saying buying a gamers mouse will make horrible gamers into pros. Gaming mice will however improve a lot of issues you may have with your current generic mouse. Options like ergonomics and on the fly DPI changing make gaming mice worth the purchase. The NZXT Avatar Gaming Mouse is one such candidate. The question is just because it has these options is it really going to perform better then a standard mouse or did NZXT fail epically at their dip into the gaming grade peripherals market. Let’s check it out and see:

Provided by: NZXT

Price: $59.99

Closer Look:

The over all design of the NZXT packaging is pretty low profile but not cheap looking by any means. I like the open to the product approach again as I always say the windows are great I like knowing what’s coming when I buy something before I buy it. All of the specs and features are listed on the packaging and the cover art looks awesome it is a great design for a gaming mouse.




The NZXT Avatar Gaming Mouse doesn’t come with a million bells and whistles it is very basic. Included is a drivers disk the mouse and a manual. To be honest if a mouse is good it doesn’t need a bunch of extra crap to smooth over the customer being screwed by a poor product.



The Avatar Gaming Mouse is one of the very few gaming mice that pull off ambidexterity well. The mouse is beautiful and very reminiscent of a stingray which brings to mind speed, control, and dexterity. This exactly what you want in a mouse lets hope it’s not just the design that acts like a stingray. The mouse comes with 7 strategically placed buttons that are full customizable through software.



The Avatar Gaming Mouse is very slim in comparison to gaming mice like the Ideazon Reapers Edge or the Logitech G5. The fact it is slim means it is a great mouse for smaller hands but because of its length people with meat paws should have no issue using it either.



As is the case with most of the gaming mice the NZXT Avatar Gaming Mouse has easy glide pads on the bottom and it is USB based.


Last but not least we can;t forget its pretty LED'. I love blue LED's



Let's check out the Software:

kiraexiled   |Registered |2009-03-19 20:52:09
this mouse looks a little deathadder-ish O_O even the "Avatar" word
resembles of the deathadder. still i'd love to give this mouse a try
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