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NZXT Guardian 921 Mid Tower Steel PC Case Chassis Review
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Written by Munk   
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NZXT Guardian 921 Mid Tower Steel PC Case Chassis Review
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In the world of geekery what you bring to the lan party is the socially inepts version of a peeing contest. The more pretty lights and useless LED displays you have the more impressive and formidable opponent you are. Thankfully the pretty lights actually attract women, my wife for one likes the purdy blue lights n my PC’s. Now for all of you poor single geeks out there if you could only find a way to trick yourself out with some pimp 120mm fans and copious amounts of useless lights to attract the ladies. Till NZXT and Thermaltake start making gaming ware you will just have to work on your charms. Or even better get a gaming case and live in your basement. Now you can do this in style with the NZXT Gaurdian 921 Mid Tower Steel Gaming Chassis. Let’s get a better look at the goods and see if this case is a good fit for all you LED loving fan boys out there (myself included):

Provided by: NZXT

Price: $84.80

Closer Look:

The packaging of the NZXT Guardian 921 Mid Tower Steel PC Case Chassis is fairly standard packaging like most gaming based case packing. It is very well designed and had all the information one would need in order to make an educated purchase.




Just like all the other NZXT Cases it comes secured in Styrofoam and plastic wrap to keep scratches and dust off of the case during shipping. It is a good thing because by the time these cases get to Canada the box is pretty banged up.




I love the look of the NZXT Guardian 921 Mid Tower Steel PC Chassis, it looks like something straight out of transformers. The addition of a side intake fan is an awesome bonus for cooling purposes and the over all design of the case screams “gaming” which is awesome. So if you are down with the deceptions you will love sporting this case at a lan party.



All of the screws and tool-less brackets you will need are included. Also included are stand-offs for your motherboard and the manual for installations. You will need your Motherboard manufacturer’s manual for proper bolt pattern. Never put standoffs where there isn’t a hole for them because improperly place stand offs can short circuit your motherboard if not properly installed.



Let's look at the components:

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