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XTracPads Logic Precision Gaming Mouse Surface Mouse Pad Review
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Written by Munk   
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XTracPads Logic Precision Gaming Mouse Surface Mouse Pad Review
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Mousepads come free from promotional give aways, end of story. Well you might be right, what is possibly different about a gaming mouse pad as opposed to a regular run of the mill mouse pad (besides the inflated price.)? Well how much can you really change a mouse pad? How about making it super thing and sticky on one side so it never shifts? Essentially if you were to say this is a big sticker you would be right, initially, that is right up until you used this new style of mouse pad that goes by the name of XTracPads Logic Precision Gaming Mouse Surface. This $15 glorified sticker just might mean the difference between quality game play and ritualistic video game pummeling (of course I mean the bad kind where you get your virtual, let’s say appendage, handed to you) Let’s see if this sticker will work to your benefit or demise:

Provided By: XtracPads

Price: $14.95

Closer Look:

The packaging for the XTracPads Logic Precision Gaming Mouse Surface is much like its predecessor the Xtrac Pro We reviewed in the past. I loved the fact that they show you the product through a window so you can feel the Gaming surface and see exactly what the product will look like.



The guys at Xtracpads were nice enough to send us all three of there latest models, which was pretty awesome I even liked the pink one and I hate pink. This just supports the facts that girls (and pink loving guys) are still a market for gaming surfaces which is cool to see.





In this picture you can see what the adhesive back side of the mouse pad looks like. Something I should mention is that these pads are very quality I was pretty aggressive with them when installing and they stood up very well. I even took them off and re applied them a few times and they continued to stick very well.





Let's check out the specs, features and testing:

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