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Evercool FIT Notebook Cooler Review
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Written by David Bremer   
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Evercool FIT Notebook Cooler Review
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Ever felt the need for a notebook cooler but didn’t want to lug some massive dual fan stand that had to be placed under your notebook? A battery-draining behemoth that took up room in your bag or backpack that could have been used for other needs? Well the Evercool FIT Notebook Cooler may be just what the Doctor ordered! Here is a pint-sized device that promises superior cooling for your Notebook or Netbook. Lets break it down and see how it matches up against a mid-grade notebook.





Provided by Evercool

Price:  $12.99  Newegg

Closer Look:

Lets see what makes the Evercool FIT Notebook Cooler so special, shall we?

Well right off from the first picture you can see that it is small!  Fits in the palm of your hand.

On the back of the package we can see the compatibility, features, specifications, and a performance graphic.

Side panel shows the very simple instructions for using the Evercool FIT Notebook Cooler.

And on the other side panel are the contents of the package.

First look of Evercool FIT Notebook Cooler out of the box.  Check out the specifications below for actual size.

Good view of the fan exhaust opening and the foot that assists in mounting.

Heres one with the foot extended.  Provides a sturdy surface to keep your Evercool FIT Notebook Cooler stable and tight to the vent on your device.

And the accessories.  Notice that it comes with three rubber boots to snug up your Evercool FIT Notebook Cooler with almost any configuration.  A retractable USB cord to power your FIT, and a handy storage bag.

Now lets get to those Features and Specifications

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