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CES Day One
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Written by David Bremer   
Hits smaller text tool iconmedium text tool iconlarger text tool icon Folks!  This is a WILD RIDE so hold on tight!  This first day of CES was hectic, long and full of surprises.  From a machine that takes one dimensional pictures and turns them into three dimensional pieces of art, to the latest in tablets.  The day starts out with picking up my badge holder and free messenger bag courtesy of Panasonic.  A random walk through the South Hall was next on the agenda.  The feeling of excitement and wonderment at so many aspects of the electronic world was evident in the conversations of fellow visitors and exhibitors.

Four products of many that stood out for me today were the Universal Notebook and Netbook power adapters from Prudent Way, iomega’s new Superhero Backup & Charger for iPhone, eTron’s full line of solar powered radios, lights, and emergency devices, and Otter Box’s cases for your smart phone or iPad.

If you have ever damaged or lost your power supply for your laptop or netbook, or it just doesn’t work anymore, here is your ultimate solution.  Prudent Way has brought out a line of power supplies with all the necessary adapters for any and all past and present laptops.  Their recent addition of a 75w unit for netbooks means they can now cover everything portable pc.  Their efficient pc cases and switching power supplies cover just about everything else.  You can find Prudent Way in the South Hall 3 at booth 312864 and at

Iomega, a name well known for their exceptional storage devices has released the SuperHero Backup & Charger for your iPhone and iTouch (gen4).  The SuperHero will automatically back up your iPhone when placed in the dock as well as ensure it is fully charged for another days use.   No more watching your phone slide off the roof of your car or fall 30 stories into the hotel pool and wonder when the last time you backed up all your precious data, or decide that you now need to follow your phone that same 30 stories to the pool below because you lost that one contact that could make your company a success.  Iomega has also developed the Personal Cloud!  You and 250 of your friends or coworkers can join in the one cloud to share data, documents, or ideas.  No fees and no complicated registration processes.  Check them out in South Hall 3, Booth 31553 and at

eTon has a full line of solar and hand-cranked devices for all your Green energy needs.  Everything from a simple flashlight with a USB charging port to Red Cross certified emergency radios and flashlights.  They have every hiker and campers dream radios to that one must have crank flashlight with the USB charger for your daughter’s glove box.  The Red Cross recommends that everyone have an emergency kit that contains a flashlight, radio, and extra batteries.  With eTon’s Green energy devices all three are taken care of in one device, AND you can keep your USB charged device ready to go.  eTon is in the South Hall 3 at Booth 30959 and at

And lastly today my brief journeys took me by Otter Box.  Otter Box is a manufacture of protection!  Protection for your Smart Phone, your iPad, and if your one of the lucky few to have one, the new Blackberry Playbook (protection coming soon).  Otter Box’s cases come in several different varieties to protect your smart phone from damage caused by both everyday use and those times when it slips from your buttered popcorn covered fingers to when it falls from your shoulder as you try to juggle your phone, laptop bag, briefcase or purse, and keys.  Otter Box will do its ultimate best to ensure that your device never comes to any harm.  Otter Box can be found in the South Hall 3 at Booth 30351 and at

One of the BIG things at CES this year is tablets.  Everyone seems to have one out and there are a myriad of accessories for them.  Tomorrow we will pick out a few choice tidbits of these wonderful new devices.

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