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ZAGG's Invisible Shield Review
User Rating: / 38
Written by PR0F GIGGLES   
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ZAGG's Invisible Shield Review
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Electronics and dirt don’t get along well. Whenever the two get together they usually fight, and dirt almost always wins by etching and scratching the screen or body of the device. Well no more, with the help of ZAGG's Invisible Shield you can give your electronic devices the upper hand. With the promise of military grade polyurethane to stop just about anything from damaging your electronic devices, you can rest easy knowing your expensive electronic friend is safe. Now let's take a closer look at how this miracle film works:

Provided by: ZAGG

Price: $19.95 (For Full Body Shield)

Closer Look:

Normally I would pick at the fact that you can't see the product without opening it. Considering that this review is for something called the Invisible Shield I can understand how it would be pointless, as you would only see a couple of pieces of paper.



Included in the installation kit is a tube of Shield Spray, to make the application MUCH easier and to reduce fingerprints from being left behind. Also included was a squeegee, and two pieces of paper holding the full body Invisible Shield. There are 7 pieces for the full body PSP version; one for the front, one for the screen (why else would you buy it), one for the battery cover, one for the card reader area, and three for the UMD hatch.


Now let’s look at the features and then it’s on to the testing:

John Wright  - Invisicrap   | |2009-03-20 06:44:57
I paid $15 for a piece of cheap film , I add it to my Ipod Touch , Ipod
classic and to my cell phone . All of them are Brand New with that film they
look like 5 years old . This is not worth more than $1 a piece , just marketing
, I remove all of them and trash them . My phone and the Ipod's look new again .
Sorry , Zagg's , I would not put your protection film again , if you give it
away for free .
admin   |SAdministrator |2009-03-20 07:35:05
MY reviewer put i on his black berry storm over a month ago and still looks
great. Sounds like user error haha jk. Who knows maybe you got a bad batch but I
have never seen any problems with this stuff. They use a similar product for
vehicles now. A friend of mine drove through a barb wire fence and the shield
was destroyed but absolutely no scratches on the car.
nwhite  - WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE EVER   | |2009-07-15 05:26:11

I really hope I like this product because

I ordered a skin for
my Blackberry 9630 and my iPod Touch 2G. I selected Next Day Air option and when
it showed up late, I phoned for a refund on the shipping portion and they
wouldn’t oblige. The gave me 10 different excuses, none of which made sense.
The only reason I ordered Next Day Air, was that I was leaving town for 10 days,
otherwise, I would have had it shipped ground. I received an email stating that
my product had been shipped, and I waited patiently for it arrive. Nope, so when
I called the following day, on my way out of town, I asked for a refund for the
overnight shipping. They said that it sometimes takes awhile for things to get
out of their warehouse. So why did I receive an email stating my product had
been shipped with a tracking number and why did I pay for overnight shipping? I
told them I would return the product and they said it would take 30-60...
Brian  - Expensive   | |2009-09-05 23:18:21
I need full body protection for my PSP Slim, any idea about the cheapest option?
I see gadgetshieldz is offering a $7.49 deal which worked great for my Nokia
5800. Installation wasn’t a problem then, shouldn’t be one now but the cost
has to be competitive…
admin   |SAdministrator |2009-09-06 04:09:09
Even though it is about $20 go for the invisible shield all the cheap protection
ends up wearing out to quickly and it is just a waste of money.
Brian   | |2009-09-06 05:47:10
I'm not sure how a plastic sheet should cost more than what gadgetshieldz does.

I have used it for my Nokia 5800 and it works great, no scratches so far
and its not peeling off or anything after 2 months of use...and I am a heavy

I don't think a big price tag should be the criteria for deciding if
something is of good quality or not.
admin   |SAdministrator |2009-09-06 07:09:53
Its not just a plastic sheet this stuff was made for the military to protect
helicopter blades. Not only does it not peel or break down it also doesn't
yellow. As for it being "expensive" $20 is cheap last I checked.
Brian   | |2009-09-10 06:09:20
Come on mate, when you review something you look at what the competition. The
competition in this case if offering the same thing. Bestskinsever are offering
the same skins as gadgetshieldz and bodyguards and invisible shield. The only
difference is the cut and the package they send you. While one cut can be better
than the other, I don't agree that the difference between 7 bucks and 20 is to
cover for the shampoo solution. For what its worth, and keeping in mind what the
competition charges for the same thing, 20 bucks is expensive. Thats just my 2
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