Head Direct RE0 Audiophile Earphone Review

Your average person is not an audiophile at face value. What is an audiophile you may ask? Simply put: it is someone that has an extreme love and appreciation for quality sound. This is also made manifest by having way to many lp’s sitting around in boxes strewn about their house. Their eccentricities are matched only by their passion. If your average joe were to pick up a quality pair of in ear headphones and toss out their stock ipod cheapies; I for one believe they would be able to tell the difference. Your average wannabe audiophile would disagree. The enjoyment of pure sound quality can be appreciated by anyone and I believe companies like Head Direct felt the same way when they produced IEM’s (in ear monitors) like the RE0 series.Let’s jump right in and have a look at this pair:

Provided by: Head Direct

Price: $169

Closer Look:

Normally the RE0’s come shipped in retail packaging, mine did not but I will post a picture from the website so you know what to expect if you purchase a pair for yourself. Included in the package are four different styles of silicon ear buds that can easily be interchanged. Also included are extra sound diffusing pads (as best I can describe them) which is important especially if your are the type to swap your silicone tips often, this may wear out your IEM’s quicker then the average user.



The IEM’s are very well built; the cabling is textured [for lack of a better work] making it seem a bit more posh then your average run of the mill earbud. The studded casing on the buds themselves is a nice bonus, and I personally like how the venting holes out the back of the ear buds are very small, this should give a very nice isolation effect. The addition of a headphones extension cable is also a very nice bonus feature for all of the fundamentalist audiophiles out there that love starting up their favorite phono and kicking back in their arm chair. One thing lacking is a mini to ¼ converter but you can pick up a nice gold plated one for under $20 at most electronics stores if you are a strong believer in antiquated sound.




Let’s have a look at some specs and features:

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