YUIN OK3 Audiophile Earphone Review

As I mentioned in my review of the Head Direct RE0 Earphones, anyone can enjoy quality sound. The problem with quality sound, is the high end price attached to it. I was surprised to find out that Head Direct offered a lower end product in the $60 range with similar [not exact] specs as their RE0 earphones. Of course the range on paper is much higher for the RE0, but honestly how much of difference is there between a $169 pair and a $60 pair? That is what we are here to find out. Also what is the difference between the Yuin OK3’s and your standard run of the mill earbuds? All of this and more is what we will be getting into in this review. Click read more and we can have a closer look at these earphones and see how well they perform:

Provided by: Head Direct

Price: $59

Closer Look:

The over all design of the Yuin OK3’s seems to be reminiscent of asian water color painting. I think this is a fantastic design for an audio device. Asian culture and the art are very tranquil in nature. For myself no mater what I am listening to, I consider music in general very tranquil, surprisingly enough even the throat ripping metal and punk mellow me right out. Listening to music with quality headphone is very isolating and relaxing. The Yuin OK3 Earphones packaging touched on this perfectly.



The Yuin OK3 Earphones seem to be well packaged for shipping; there is an abundance of foam in the packaging insuring the safety of the product. The chances of getting a pair that is DOA is pretty slim, unless the ups guy runs them over with his van. Also included in the packaging is the manual and a quality control seal, which should make some of you feel all warm and fuzzy inside.


I was very impressed when I opened up the package and saw exactly how many ear canal flanges there were. Another great bonus is the fact that the Yuin OK3’s are both ear canal headphones and ear buds all wrapped into one. This is what you get: 3 x single flange silicone (s,m,and l), one double flange silicone, one open silicone earbud attachment, one perforated silicone earbud attachment, and one pair of earbud to ear canal adaptors.

 Let’s check out the specifications on the Yuin OK3 Earphones:

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