Bandshell iPhone Case Review’ve all done it. You’re listening to music on your iPhone’s built in speaker’s with your friends but the audio is barely penetrating through everyone’s voice. So what do you do? You cup your hands over your speakers and increase the volume. Bandshell has noticed this and created a built-in solution so you sit back and enjoy conversation while you favorite songs play in the background.


Product by: Bandshell

Price: $19.95

    •    Improves sound quality and volume
    •    No speakers or cords to carry with you
    •    Dual purpose, durable case & features that improve the iPhone’s functions
    •    Improved Speaker Phone – reduces the fear of harmful radio electromagnetic waves
    •    12 colors and an interchangeable sound door


    •    Flat side so your iPhone can stand on its own
    •    Impact resistant polymer, protects your iPhone from impacts and falls




The bandshell, though a fantastic idea, falls a bit short in it’s innovative design. It seeks to create built-in solutions to solve various problems including speaker amplification, video viewing, and protection. Unfortunately, it falls short in all of these departments. The speakers aren’t all that louder, the angle it lays on for video viewing is less than optimal, and the protection may be rugged but it’s very clumsy in it’s design. I can only recommend the bandshell case if you’re very curious to try this product out.

    •    Bulky, thorough protection
    •    There’s definitely a color to suit everyone here
    •    Somewhat clumsy design
    •    Less than preferable materials
    •    Flimsy sound door
    •    Doesn’t amplify all too much
    •    Flat-angle isn’t optimal for video viewing.

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