Canary Wireless Digital Hotspotter Review

Wireless networks are so common now that you can usually assume that there’s one in your neighborhood. But finding out if you can connect to one with your PC or Laptop can sometimes take up too much time. Enter the solution, the Canary Wireless Digital Hotspotter. This little hotspot finder is a great tool for those of us who are reliant on wireless internet. Be it at the airport, in your favorite café, or parked in your car across from someone’s wireless network, this gadget will help you find the sweet spot quickly. Click read more for more info.


Provided by: Canary Wireless

Cost: $49.95

Closer Look:

The entirely transparent packaging lets you see the device right away. Features are listed on the front of the package over top of a canary yellow background, a subtle play on the name of the manufacturer.

On the back of the package is a set of detailed instructions on how to use your new toy, and I mean detailed! From putting in the batteries to how to read the information displayed on your hot spot finder, it is all located on the back.

Inside the package is the device itself and two AAA batteries. That’s it, that’s all. Who could ask for more? I think that this is actually a testament to this tool, that it’s ready to use within seconds of taking it out of the packaging.

The device itself is the size of a small cell phone and about a third the weight. It features a small opening on the top left corner, perfect for securing the device to yourself or anything else.

Let’s look at some more specific details of the device and the testing setup.

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