Dexim iPhone 4 Cases and Bumpers Review Apple, only Steve Jobs could get away with selling a phone that fails right out of the box and blame it (convincingly) on user error.  After the initial foot in the mouth, Jobs stepped up and said: okay, okay, we’ll give you free bumpers. Well for those of you that where undeterred by the initial iPhone 4 faux pas and decided to pick up the iPhone 4 anyways, chances are you missed the free bumper deal. That’s ok The Apple bumper wasn’t that exciting anyways. Today we will be checking out some bumper style cases from Dexim that add some style and class to your pricy mobile investment, and we will see if the new line from Dexim is right for you:

Provided by: Dexim



Closer Look:



Specifications and Features:

5 in 1 Bumper Kit for iPhone 4

• Designed to fit over the frame of iPhone 4
• Add colors to your iPhone 4
• Premium silicone material with soft touch feel


SL EKO Case for iPhone 4

• Environmental pine skin material with soft feel

• Delivers all-around protection

CYL Premium Silicone Case for iPhone 4

• Delivers durable protection
• Full access to all controls and buttons



Overall the Cases are pretty unique and well made. The do not feel cheap I like the little nod to green products by using the hyper renewable resource cork. The cases feel nice in the hand and look pretty slick too.

Would I recommend these products? Yes, the cases are nicely designed and the bumper kit is very well priced. Good job Dexim I look forward to seeing what else you guys come up with.Hopefully Steve Jobs design team screws up some more products so companies like yours can flourish why should Apple get all the money.


  • Great Price
  • Unique Designs
  •  Lots to choose from


  • I Guess Personal Tastes would Decide the Cons on This one for me They did a Good job. No Cons this Time


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