GoGo USA 2010 Custom iPhone Cases Review

http://t2.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:cEveplawwrI77M:http://www.gogo-usa.com/site/views/assets/images/gogo_logo.jpgThe iPhone is one of the most popular phones on the market. Since the release of the first iPhone Apple has taken a lion’s share of the mobile market. For the average consumer, the way in which we get our iPhones is by signing a lengthy contract with a cell provider; that being the case most of us do not want to replace our iPhones on our dine if something happens to them. This is where a new market popped up, protection for the iPhone. Accessories for Apple product have always been a lucrative business and since the invention of the iPhones and iPods of the world we have seen just about every imaginable case and gimmick known to man. One such company has made its mark in the Case world by making custom iPhone cases that not only protect but also enhance the whole iPhone experience all together. GoGo USA is known for quality cases and superior designs. Today we will be looking at 3 of their new designs and I am going to let you know what I think of them: Provided by: GoGo USA

Price: TBA

Closer Look (Love, iBite, and Vampire):

Accessory Geeks:


Specifications and Features:

Unique Design
Available for all iPhone generations; all functions are accessible without removing the case.
Material Quality
GoGo Case is made of polycarbonate with excellent soft touch feeling. Normally, other rubber cases on the market tend to scratch very easily and tend to collect dust.
Despite its softness, GoGo case is very hard to break, and free of dust
GoGo Case is easy to put on and remove. It is one of the fewest cases in the market with its slip-free and snap-on features.
Coating Quality
GoGo Case is painted with multi-layer high quality coating and GoGo Case is coated inside and out with same color (unlike other polycarbonate cases, only the outside is coated).
Lightweight and Durable
Despite its sturdy structure, GoGo Case is the thinnest and lightest in the market without breakage. It weighs less than one (1) ounce, and add less than 1mm thickness on the iPhone itself.



As far as cases go the people at GoGo know their stuff. This new line up of cases is extremely durable, lightweight, and very thin so the overall bulk is kept to a minimum while not sacrificing the iPhones protections. Once these cases hit the market I am not sure what kind of extras they will have or if they are just going to be the cases but either way the cases are a great product for the minimalists out there.

Would I recommend this products? Yes, although if you are going to be hopping in a mosh-pit or working with heavy machinery and power tools I would suggest the Otter box instead, you will still be very happy with the GoGo cases on your days off, great protection and awesome graphics will make you reach over the competition and pic yours3elf up a GoGo case.


  • Design
  • Durable Material
  • Great Grip
  • Minimal Bulk
  • Exposed Bezel
  •  Light Weight


  • Some Like the Bezel Covered so this may be a Con





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