iFrogz luxe for iPod Nano 4G review

Many case companies produce a same style of case for different models of the iPods. iFrogz has done this with many of their cases, among them the iFrogz Luxe.  Normally all cases provide the same features and performance across the board. But the smaller stature of the iPod Nano 4G gives companies an additional thing to consider. Though protection remains top notch with this iteration of the Luxe comfort suffers.

Product provided by: iFrogz

Price: $14.99

Closer Look:


•    Form fitting to iPod nano.
•    Access to hold switch and ports

•    Smooth plastic top case
•    Soft, velvety outer case.
•    Screen protector included.




I had mixed feelings about this case when I used it. One of my main complaints being that the top is clear but the bottom is black. This leaves the spectrum of visual compatibility to be lacking at best. The black iPod would look perfect in this, the silver looks okay, but any of the brighter colors will most likely be awkwardly paired. The button locking system that I praised on the iPhone luxe doesn’t feel the same on this smaller iPod. It stands gets in the way of your grip and makes holding your iPod a bit uncomfortable. Other than that this is a good performing case that offers the protection that you’d naturally expect.

I would recommend this to any average user who doesn’t care about bells and whistles. This case is ridiculously affordable which makes it that much more alluring. You get a bit more than what you pay for with this product.


•    Simple but effective two piece design
•    Clear plastic is surprisingly resistant to scratches
•    Includes screen protector
•    Easier installation when compared to its iPhone counterpart
•    Extremely affordable


•    Undockable unless bottom piece is removed
•    Only available in clear version
•    “Button” Locking System uncomfortably placed
•    “Click wheel art” feels like a lazy afterthought

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