iFrogz Silicone Wrapz for iPod Nano 4G Review

Silicone cases for some are a blessing. It’s soft, fun, and simpler than most hard cases. Others, including myself, have personally never been fond of silicone cases. They don’t feel as expertly crafted as hard cases and catch lint no matter what you do. Wherever you stand in this battle of hard versus soft any side can agree that iFrogz makes fantastic products, so it’s worth at least trying.

Product provided by: iFrogz

Price: $9.99

Closer Look:

•    100% silicone case
•    Bulks up protection with extra thick silicone
•    Anti-dust technology
•    Click wheel Protector
•    Screen protector included





Never being a fan of silicone cases, this case was a mixed bag for me. It’s best feature is it’s drop protection. The bouncy, chunky silicone leaves me assured that no damage will be done upon impact. This security, however, will make you sacrifice the iPod Nano’s sleek and thin design. This case is available in a rainbow of colors, including a clear version, which is always good. I also really enjoyed the stylish pattern on the back piece that, though not advertised to do so, gives the Nano more of a grip on slippery surfaces.

I would recommend this to any average user who knows that they’re clumsy and will be dropping their iPod frequently. The chunkiness of the case isn’t dramatic enough to take the “nano” out of iPod nano. So if you know you’ll be taking your iPod through hellfire and brimstone then this case is for you.


•    Available in an array of colors
•    Fashionable anti-slip design on back of case
•    Excellent drop protection
•    Easy slip-in installation.

•    Much chunkier than other cases
•    Catches a brutal amount of dust and lint
•    Clickwheel protector makes navigating menus more difficult

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