IHarmonix Platinum ev-Series Earbud Review

IHarmonix has a nice line of audio products. Their earbuds have a variety of features, as well as excellent all around quality. Recently I had the pleasure of reviewing a pair of Iharmonix’s Platinum EV-Series earbuds. Their performance is very satisfying and the features they sport make them an even better deal. When it comes to audio products, every detail can, and does contribute to the experience of sound, giving you, the listener, a more involved surreal experience. To check out the review, click read more…

Provided By – IHarmonix

Price – $59.95

Closer Look:

The front of the package is stylin’ enough. It lets you see the basic components. I was surprised when I noticed the actual volume controller was not featured through the clear packaging. Oh well. It’s there, I assure you.



The back of the package gives some of the nifty features and specifications of the earbuds (we’ll get to those in a bit). The companies website is located at the bottom, and different compatible audio players are shown. The overall packaging may not grab you as particularly outstanding, but this just goes to show you can’t judge an earbud by its cover.



The picture below gives you an idea of all of the contents. The carrying case is a classy feature. I don’t like putting metal earphones in the same pocket as a screen because of scratches that can result. Nice idea.


Stereo output is the order of the day as evident by the two black rings in the picture below. The cord material is tough and flexible. Another important point is that these are gold plated to ensure proper sound quality and connection.




The earbuds themselves are silver with a gun metal backing and the iharmonix logo shown below. Even though you can’t really see it from the picture here, there is a tiny “R” and “L” to indicate which ear each bud goes into. Again, the cord is well secured and reinforced to the bud so that it won’t short out with extended, less than gentle usage. If you’ve ever lost a pair of earbuds to that defect, you’ll likely appreciate a good quality connection. For all you pocket audio listeners out there, you might wanna be careful when putting these in the same pocket as your portable device. As I mentioned earlier, the back edge may be damaging to the front of the screen. Use the carrying bag.



You can see the vent on the left earbud in the picture below as well as the speaker with the tip removed. I would like to point out that these tips squeeze around the speakers well so that the ear gels won’t accidentally stay in your ears when you yank the earbuds out. I’ve seen that develop into an embarrassing situation. Very embarrassing.



The cord is also an impressive length. You could practically keep your iPod in your shoe and you would have enough cord to reach.




The in-line speaker control is fairly self-explanatory. Move it upwards to max out the volume, downwards for silence. If you have trouble with this concept, you’ll have to find a tutorial to help you out.

Leaving those people to themselves, let us now proceed to the specifications and features list…

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