iHarmonix Pro ev-Series Earbuds Review

I find that I listen to a lot of music throughout my day. Not all of us have the luxury of doing so, but I find it necessary in order to get through my work day. So those days that I can use my MP3 player at work and not listen to the radio are special indeed. But nothing can spoil your favorite tune like the snap, crackle and pop of a cheap set of buds. What can you do though? Not everyone can afford a really expensive set of buds. Well, there’s your problem. You’re assuming that good has to be expensive. In this review we’ll be looking at the affordably priced iHarmonix Pro ev-Series earbuds and seeing just how much bang you get for your buck. Click Read More to read the whole review.

Provided By: iHarmonix

Cost: $34.95

Closer Look:

The packaging for the iHarmonix Pro ev-Series Earbuds is eye catching. The circular shape is much more pleasing to look at then an ordinary box. I’ve found that I’m always more likely to buy something if I can open the box and look at it. iHarmonix has decided to save us all the trouble of bringing our box cutters with us when we go shopping, and has gone ahead and made the packaging of the buds see thru. No questions for us and no open boxes for the retailers. Everyone leaves happy.

The back of the package is where the specifications and features of the earbuds are listed. Several graphics advertise the volume control, memory foam ear tips, and the gold plated plug. Also some more technical details such as cable length, frequency and driver size are listed.

When you open the package you notice several other objects besides the earbuds are inside. There is a folded sheet of paper with instructions and information as well as some extra tips made of memory foam. A small velvet bag for storing your earbuds is included as well. I think this is a nice feature. Carrying your buds in a pocket or larger bag never seems to end well. The bag has a pull string so that when you’ve rolled up the buds, then you can place them inside and secure them from falling out.

The Gold Plated plug is a nice feature as well. A commitment to quality construction is always nice to see in an affordable product. Generally it speaks well for the future performance of the device. But that’s why we test, just to make sure. The volume control is something that I believe is a must. Having the option of just moving a small slider to turn down the volume, as opposed to using your players’ controls is smart. Maybe your player is in a pocket and you’re sitting elbow to elbow with a very large and tattooed stranger who’s sleeping and looks as if they most definitely do not want to be disturbed. You could go so far as to say that this feature could be life saving in the right situation.

Continuing our look at the construction of the earbuds, we see that the driver is a respectable 11mm. This seems to be a standard in the industry and it’s nice to see iHarmonix keeping up with the rest. The vents on the back of each bud are located just beneath the chrome highlights and there are three in total. This provides significant airflow without compromising the isolating effect that these headphones provide.

Let’s take a peek at the Specifications.

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