Logitech Curve Mp3 Headphones Review

If you’re anything like me, the only thing you enjoy better than a new toy, is knowing you got a good deal on it. Quality has a price tag, and that price tag is better left low. Presenting the Logitech Curve headphones, a trendy, relaxing pair that won’t put strain on your money muscles. Using a modern-style and functionality, these behind-the-neck headphones satisfy in more ways than one. Whether you’re looking to get a pair of new headphones, replacements, or just searching for a gift for your friends, you ought to lend an ear to these headphones I recently had a chance to try out. People, start your earbuds and please keep your ears inside the device at all times. We’re goin’ for a test drive!

Provided By – Amazon

Price – $11.91

Closer Look:

The Logitech Curve headphones present a trend-oriented design straight from the packaging down to the behind-the-neck frame. The soft rubber loops above the earpieces fit comfortably over the tops of your ears for extended periods of listening or gaming, and the ear-padding does a good job of cushioning without getting in the way of the sound quality.


The package comes with the headphones and the manual. Logitech was also kind enough to include an extra set of ear loops, and an extra set of ear pads. Joy!

As you may have noticed in the picture below,  these headphones are built to fit behind the neck of the user. It bends slightly to promote ease of use and durability. A handy feature if you’re the type of person who enjoys using non-fragile electronics.

Let us now proceed to their specs and features.


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