BluTiger Computer and Gaming 5.1 Speakers with Dual Spectrum Displays Review

Gamers are starting to dominate the market for PC buying power and they aren’t buying the cheap stuff; serious enthusiasts and PC Gamers always want the best of the best and they are willing to pay handsomely for it this makes the PC Gaming world and extremely competitive market. Not only is it incredibly difficult to compete it is also extremely difficult to break into. Blu Tiger is a relatively new comer to the PC Speaker market and their flagship product the Blu Tiger Computer and Gaming 5.1 Speakers is an impressive step in the right direction to gaining ground with gamers. The use of MDF as opposed to plastic is a major plus in my opinion and the shear wattage potential from these is something to definitely pique my interest. Let’s get a closer look:

Provided by: Blu Tiger

Price: $299.99


Closer Look:



Specifications and Features:

Dual Real-Time Spectrum Analyzers with 200 Bright Blue LEDs with Fader and Off Switch 
1000+ Total Watts  105 Watts RMS.  Crisp clear highs, strong middles, powerful bass.
6 Tall Computer SurroundSound Speakers and Sub (5.1)
Small footprint (similar to standard computer speakers)
 -Front Speakers – 10.75″ H by 5.25″ W by 5.25″ D
 -Center Speaker – 4.75″ H by 10.75″ W by 4.75″ D
 -Subwoofer/Controller – 12.25″ H by 6″ W by 11″ D
-Rear Speakers – 8.75″ H by 5″ W by 4.75″ D
Audio inputs:
One 5.1, Two 2.1 (input simultaneously and switch to any channel)
Plug to any personal computer, laptop, iPod®, MP3, PDA, Cell Phone
Additional Components:
 – Remote Control, Audio Pod w/Headphone jack
 – Cell Phone adapter.
 – Instruction Manual.
All wires also included.
For testing I will be using The Asus Xonar on my testing rig to watch some movies listen to pusic and do some gaming. I will then be using the Blu Tiger’s for my home theatre in my living room and do some movie watching and Xbox 360 Gaming. I will talk about the range and over all experiences for movies, gaming, and music and giving the speaker system a mark out of ten.

I decided to try out the speakers watching iron man and apple seed on both my PC with the asus Xonar and on my home theatre using just the signal auxiliary input but using the DSP function (not display like I said in the video)  to mimic multi-channel output. On the PC I must say the overall experience was much more impressive because the card did all the work of sending individual signals for the speakers because I was in DSP mode on my home theatre setup it didn’t differentiate quite as good but considering it had to mimic the functionality of a multiple channel sound from only 2 channels it still sounded quite amazing.

With all of the technological babble out of the way I have to say holly crap these speakers rock when it comes to mid and high tones they are extremely crisp and clear and every sound is distinct and does not blend into the background. I must admit I desperately wanted just a little more bass if Blu Tiger makes another Speaker system I hope they add a 12inch sub to it and then my life will be complete.  Over all I give the movie watching experience as a whole an:



Because I already went through the ins and outs of channels I will just jump into the testing for this section. On PC thriller FPS were extremely creepy and the ambiance of the game shined through way better then my previous creative 5.1 setup. I have to say MDF as a speaker media drastically improves the feel of sound and is a lot more immersive for the person gaming then plastic speakers. For 360 with DSP mode enabled it gave a great feel for racing games you could easily tell where from and which side a competitor was trying to pass you. Again the DSP mode made up for the lack of individual signals by emulating the surround sound effect impressively. Overall I give the complete gaming experience a:




Although the rest of the testing was impressive music is somewhere most 5.1 speakers lose their oomph. I am a strong believer in Hi-Fi and 5.1 speakers cannot compete with a decent Hi-Fi system when it comes to music. That being said I will say the Blu Tigers had no issue competing with other 5.1 systems I have owned. I have used systems from Kliptch, Logitech, and Creative and none of them have the same feel as the Blu Tigers even though they do use MDF as well in their design they all used metallic stands which were supposed to reduce the vibrations factor of the speakers but in so doing they lost something in the warmth of the sound.

By taking the advice of the owner of Blu Tiger and turning all of the speakers up in dsp mode and slowly turning down the center and sub speakers it did emulate a concert style effect which was quite impressive that I haven’t really experiences in the past except from very high end systems from LSA Group or Swan of course they didn’t have the same power as these speakers at lower settings they were quite comparable. So for Music I give them a:

Overall I enjoyed the Blu Tigers Very much and because of the limited space in my office they took up permanent residence in my living room.  I do however have an HTPC in there now to fully utilize the abilities of the speakers which is nice.  One thing I would like to make note of is that I really didn’t think much of these speakers when I first unboxed them. They looked like the big brother of these which are very cheap 5.1 speakers This is of course my opinion and if you like the silver great. As soon as I started using them I realized the difference right away, they are a great speaker system with lots of comparability and potential for multiple devices. I would like to see more color options I think if they came in a black they wouldn’t look like the Walmart specials most people have seen in passing for $40.
Would I recommend these? Yup, they are a great system with multiple uses if you want a living room system or something for your office these speakers will work perfectly for any applications. I would suggest getting speaker stands because the height of the speakers has a lot to do with the over all sound quality sticking them on your floor is not going to give you that impressive theatre sound you so desire.
  • Great Quality Sound
  • Multiple Inputs
  • 5.1 and 2.1 Compatible
  • Control Over Each Individual Speakers Volume
  • Blue LED`s
  • Reasonably Priced
  • Silver Make Them Look to Much Like Walmart Speakers

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