Eagle Tech Arion ET-AR502-BK 2.1 Speakers Review

Today Ladies and Gents we are going to take an in-depth look at the Eagle Arion ET-AR502-BK 2.1 Speakers supplied to us by Eagle Precision Engineering.  Eagle Tech Computers has their fingers in many pies.  They are a trusted supplier of a variety of products including power supplies, external hard drives and even some gaming accessories!  The Arion ET-AR502-BK 2.1 Speakers are just one of their many quality products.  And priced just under $30 is a nice addition to the growing line of affordable sound systems available today.


Provided by: Eagle Tech Computers Inc.
Price: $29.99

Closer Look:

The design of the packaging is well designed.  The graphics show a compact yet sleek speaker system.  Right away you can see that this is a 30-watt system. On the left panel are the features of the Arion ET-AR502-BK 2.1 Speakers.  The right panel shows the contents and specifications.








Well packaged and protected, the box contains the two satellite speakers and the powered sub-woofer, the RCA to PC cable, and the owners manual.

(insert picture 4) On the back of the sub-woofer are the right and left input/output RCA jacks.  The nice feature here is that you can not only connect this system to your PC or IPod using the included RCA to PC cable, you can connect it to your home stereo, TV, or TiVo!  The Arion ET-AR502-BK 2.1 Speakers are a very versatile set of speakers.


  Lets take a look at these BIG little speakers:

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