Edifier E3350 Multimedia Speaker Review

If you have frequented our site then you know we love out audio here at overclockershq and today is no exception. 2.1 systems are still alive and strong even thought there are full on 5.1 and 7.1 options for the PC world. Sometimes you just don’t have the room for a full sized surround sound setup. The Edifier E3350 is a sleek simple designed 2.1 system that easily fits in any small home or work office environment. The Edifier M3400 series 2.1 speaker system I reviewed last time was an incredible sound system for the price, I couldn’t get over the sound quality. One thing that I liked was the use of MDF in the design of the M3400 speaker system. The E3350 speaker does not have an MDF design lets see how well it stands up to the competition:

Provided by: Edifier

Price: $75.82

Close Look:

The design for the Edifier E3350 Multimedia 2.1 Speaker System packaging is simple and clean. I like the graphic that shows you all of the potential colors of the system so you can see a large rendition of the potential options. The Packaging includes all of the specifications and features that you need to know.

Included with the Edifier E3350 Multimedia 2.1 Speaker System is a manual, power cables, gold plated audio cables, and the desktop control unit.



For a color I decided on the blue Edifier E3350 Multimedia 2.1 Speaker System because all of my stuff is black and blue and I already have 3 sets of black speakers so I thought I would try some blue this time around. I like the simple smooth design of the Speaker system. It would look very nice in an office or for use with your iPod.


The control unit has an input for your iPod or any other auxiliary audio device and an output for your headphones or what ever else you would like to hook into the E3350’s. One draw back to the M3400’s was the in ability to control the volume of the headphones with the control unit’s volume knob. This is an issue they fixed with the E3350’s, also sound doesn’t bleed through once headphones are plugged in like they do with the M3400’s. I would have to turn off the M3400’s if I didn’t want sound coming through the speakers when I had my headphones plugged. That being said already the E3350’s are a much better build quality than the M3400’s.The sub is controlled from the Sub woofer as is with most powered sub systems.




Let’s check out the Specs and Testing:


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