Edifier M3400 2.1 Multimedia PC Speakers Review

PC’s and audio are starting to become a match made in heaven. Companies like Kliptch and other high end audio manufacturers are even throwing their hats into the ring. PC speakers may not be at the point that Seth Green wanted them to be in Italian Job, but there may be a day, in the not to distant future, when they will actually blow your clothes off. Edifier is a relatively new comer to the audio world, although they have been around since 96 a lot of people have not heard of them. I for one am very impressed with there products line and can’t wait to try them out , so let’s get into it and see what the Edifier M3400 Multimedia PC Speaker can do:

Provided By: Edifier

Price: $65.99

Closer Look:

The over all design of the packaging is very well composed. The graphics are clear and very professional. The box contains all the information one would need if they are looking for specifics in a PC speaker setup. The nice part of the Edifier M3400 2.1 Multimedia PC Speakers is that they are not just for PC they include right and left audio outs so you can pretty much hook them to anything.



Included with the speakers is: a speaker control/volume control, Y R/L to stereo computer input converter, specs manual, PC mic port extension cable and setup manual.


The desktop speaker control includes an input and headphone jack which is nice if you want to pop in your headphones. Or plug in your mp3 player on the fly. These two options are what make these speakers a step above the rest. I have owned many PC speakers in my time and my favorite sets have always been the ones that included a headphone jack. The addition of an input for mp3 on top of a headphone jack is just awesome!  If they ever include a mic port on there speakers I will never buy other companies speakers again. Skype is a major part of my business and there is nothing worse than running back and forth behind my pc to switch things out. The mic port extension is a nice bonus but it always falls behind the computer.



Let’s have a  closer look at the speakers:

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