USB Little Mice Speakers Review

Mobile media is becoming a major part of people’s lives these days. Propping up your laptop at the park and playing some tunes seems to be the norm at lately. The one problem with this is that laptop speakers are notoriously shallow and bland sounding. Even the “high end” 5.1 laptop speaker’s still sounds like you are listening to your music through a plastic cup. Mobile USB based speakers are becoming more and more popular for this reason. There are some amazingly powerful USB speakers coming out these days and they are remarkably reasonable in their pricing structure. This is where the USB Little Mice Speakers come in to play. While they are a bit cutesy for some, they do have a distinct look I have never seen in any other desktop speakers. Let’s jump right in and get a good look at them:

Provided by: Brando Shop (courtesy of Lawrence)

Price: $29.00

Closer Look:

Normally we talk about the packaging but because the USB Little Mice Speakers are not in store retail based products they come in a standard non graphical package. There really isn’t much to talk about as far as packaging goes, other then mentioning it is securely packaged.



 Included in the packaging is the speakers and simple Chinese/English instruction paper



The unit itself is very simple, the units power, and the audio out both go through the USB cable. There is an inline control unit that has a volume control and a mute button. No bells and whistle but I like the simplicity of it.




The mice are cute, and yes I am well aware my use of the word cute will seriously be a detriment to any future serious reviews I do. There isn’t any other way to describe them that is what they were designed for. The unit sent was the red version [obviously]. The quality of the paint is surprising, it is a very deep rich color I was somewhat expecting something a bit cheaper looking, but was pleasantly surprised. The ability to open and close the speakers is a neat feature, some would say pointless but I like gimmicky things personally. Pointless articulation is an interesting plus in my opinion.




The coolest, pointless, addition to this set of speakers is the blue LED’s. They add a very cool effect to the speakers and if you love blue LED’s, like me, you will love these. As cheesy as the idea of these speakers is, they actually look really classy on the desk I was very surprised. Out of embarrassment I won’t personally be using these speakers after my review, but my wife loves them. One thing I must mention is that one of the LED’s shorted out a few times and I had to tap it a bit to get it going again. I don’t blame this on poor workmanship; every manufacturer ends up with a few lemons sent out off the line.



Let’s check out the specs and features:

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