In-Win Matrix Micro ATX Chassis Review

What is the Matrix? I could tell you a couple of things here, either a hard to follow story about robots harvesting humans for thermal power, or I could tell you about the In-Win Matrix. I think I am going to tell you about the In-Win Matrix for two reasons, 1) it’s going to actually make sense, hopefully. 2) It is by far one of the sleekest and stylish home theater PC Chassis that I have ever seen. While combining stylish good looks, and great functions such as cable organization, and a multitude of front mounted USB ports, this looks to be a great media box. Well now that we have the formalities out of the way, let’s move on to the review:

Product Provided By: In-Win

Price: $109.99

Closer Look
 Now let’s move on to the specs and features:

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